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upmyle product review

What Is UpMyle?

For those of you unfamiliar with the latest sporting app to hit the market, allow me to introduce you to the UpMyle app.

UpMyle is an innovative technology platform that empowers youth and professional athletes of all backgrounds and fields to promote their talents and get access to resources from major institutions, companies, teams and donors. It also supports individuals of all ages to maintain an active lifestyle with athletic and fitness challenges.

upmyle app review

Through speaking with the Founder of UpMyle, Nano Artemis, what we loved most about UpMyle was how much the apps mission reflected our own here at Athletes Insight.

Our power as individuals is multiplied when we gather together as families, teams, and communities with common goals.

-Susan Scott

Nano’s goal in creating UpMyle was to build “a global talent platform and provide exposure for athletes and fitness professionals in all sports and fields to get discovered and connect with coaches, teams, sponsors and donors”.

Her dedication to providing a quality resource to athletes of all abilities, in all walks of life, is what we connected with most in our discussions. It was incredible to hear the passion in her voice as she spoke about the vision see has for UpMyle and the unlimited potential it has to become a life-changing resource for countless athletes and fitness professionals around the world.

When someone dedicates their goals to creating a game-changing and QUALITY device to benefit the lives of others, that is what really inspires and encourages us to push on in our own goals.

upmyle app review

Who Is This App For?

UpMyle has an expansive talent database which is open to:

  • Athletes
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Scouts
  • Schools
  • Sponsors
  • Media

upmyle app review

What To Expect?

Once you have downloaded UpMyle, you will have access to an incredible network of professionals, rising talent, sponsors and more!

There are three key features of the UpMyle app.

  1. Audio Recording & Posts: Once inside, you will have access to Real-time Interviews, Podcasts, Fitness Guides, Amateur Broadcasters, Fan Messages, and Voice Notes.
  2. Integrated Communication: If audio recordings and posts weren’t enough, UpMyle even supports the ability to make calls, video chat and message all within the app!
  3. Fitness Challenges: Finally, fitness challenges. You and your community will have the ability to post fitness challenges with start and end dates that individuals can comment on and interact with on your own profile. Not sure what to post? Not a problem, browse your library of new connections and see what other fitness challenges are trending that you can be a part of!

upmyle app review

Usefulness For Athletes

Overall we find that UpMyle is bound to be an incredible asset to athletes and fitness professionals around the world. We are all too excited to join forces and support this amazing organization and all that it has set out to do. Total Usefulness for Athletes score, 10. 

Find me on UpMyle under username @Saraguayo!


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10 Total Score
UpMyle App Review

UPMYLE is a multipurpose mobile app focused on the new era of sports entertainment. It delivers professional sports news and scores, while bringing exposure to individual milestones and brands. In addition, fans are encouraged to share live game photos and videos to be featured in our news section

Usefulness For Athletes
Ease Of Use
Integrated Communications
App Capabilities
  • Networking Capabilities
  • Integrated Communications
  • Fitness Challenges
  • Audio Posting & Standard Post Capabilities
  • Useful For Athletes
  • Easy To Use


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