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Sportkini Product Review

Sportkini claims to have created their line of swimsuits out of frustration with current offerings, a pain we know only too well, and the entire reason we developed our own range of Athletes Insight Performance Sunglasses. Rolling with the tagline of No more swimsuit “anxiety” wondering where your swimsuit is or is NOT”  Sportkini want you to get on with your swimming, paddleboarding, yoga, triathlon etc without worrying if your undies are stuck between your cheeks of your boobs are about to pop out. Let’s see if it stands up to it’s claims.



The Sportkini is intended for women of all shapes and sizes. It prices in at $95.00 (not including shipping) for a Sportkini top and another $95.00 for the bottoms. There are five top styles offered when designing your perfect Sportkini. Once you have entered your measurements, the appropriate top to best suit your needs is chosen. Top sizes for “D + zone” women who need a bit more coverage are also offered for a price of $142.00.

For the bottoms there are three sizes to choose from: the “Full Cut” provides full cheek coverage with a bit of flare. The “Sassy Hipster” which provides less coverage, yet not skimpy either, somewhere right in the middle, and finally the “Volley Bum Bottom” (this is the bottom I had chosen to try out) which is the “cheekiest” of the three choices.

Sportkini Review Athletes Insight

Top Types Explained By Body Type

Cross and Ring. For the A and B cups (only), the Cross and Ring top is a Halter Top shape with no ties around the neck or back. All is secured by strong straps that keep the top in place.

Ringback. This top allows for all the strings to come together at the ring, in order to ensure that no ties come undone. With this design, the ring sits right in the “sweet” spot on your back so that no chaffing or irritation is to occur.

Flat Top. (The top that I tested) is engineered with a small A cup, A cup and small B cup in mind. If you have a concave chest then this top will work for you. As shown above you can see that the ring is designed similarly to the Ringback style and allows for a flattering but secured collection of the straps.

Crossback. This top fits full B to small D cup and is designed so that no appearance of a  “uni-boob” is created here! The construction of this top is made to fit, and hold the “girls” in with a flattering neckline.

D + Zone. Top is specifically designed for women who are a size D cup or larger.


Our Experience:

The Sportkini impressed me and was quite an empowering suit to wear. In my experience, finding a swimsuit that fits just right AND stays in place during activities can be close to impossible. When my Sportkini arrived I immediately tried it on and was surprised by how well it fit. It was quite a treat to have a piece of swimwear that really was designed just for my body type. I tested the Sportkini out in many different settings, swimming, yoga, even a few laps around that track to really put it through it’s paces! Throughout these various activities my suit stayed perfectly in place and kept everything exactly where I needed it to. Sportkini has a quote on their homepage that “you deserve to have absolute certainty”, and it turns out that is precisely what they have provided.

The Pro’s:

So first let’s start out with all of the Sportkini positives.

  • Designed for EVERY Body Type.
  • Fast Shipping! Given that this product is shipped from Laguna Beach, California and we are based in California, the product arrived VERY quickly to us!
  • Specifically Designed for Your Needs. Sportkini created the FIT UNIVERSITY video series to help you shop. They engineer Sportkini’s based on body shapes which is a very lengthy, technical process. They are tested relentlessly before each style is approved. The Fit U Video Series will explain the top’s styles addressing WHO it was made for, and HOW it will fit. The bottom style videos will do the same, although bottom’s and their fit is personal preference as well as fit.
  • Easy to Maneuver Site. Once on the Sportkini site there is a dropdown menu on the left hand side which offers five basic options to easily guide your way through the shop and its various resources. It is urged that you visit the FIT U menu first in order to get an idea of the various sizes and choices that can best suit your needs.
  • Easy Returns. Sportkini is confident that all products are guaranteed to be the suit for you. However, if there is any questions or concerns with your product(s) they will gladly provide an exchange within 15 days from purchase date, or credit option.


The Con’s:

  • Price. The Sportkini is significantly more expensive than standard swimwear. A simple google search for “Sport Bikinis” yields many results with a price range that is much more attractive than the total ~$190.00 that Sportkini charges for a set.
  • Limited Colors. Sportkini does not mass produce their products, and once a style is gone, it’s gone. Depending on the style of top/bottom chosen, you have anywhere from 2-4 options of colors to choose from.

Sportkini Review

Sportkini Conclusions: 

The Sportkini provided me the confidence I didn’t know I needed. The fit of the suit could not have been any better and really gave credit to how well their FIT U videos educate a customer before they buy. Offering videos of each individual top and bottom really sets this brand apart because you can see how the suit fits on REAL women before you make your purchase.

I believe that this suit could offer women the freedom and confidence to move without hesitation in their activities. In my opinion, the price point is much higher than I would be comfortable spending for a suit that I do not get to first try on. However, much of the anxiety of purchasing a suit online is eliminated when you know that it is designed with your measurements in mind. I do hope that this brand is able to expand their color palettes more to even further suit the needs of their fan base, but for me, I couldn’t be happier with my new suit. Available at:

Sportkini Review

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8.5 Total Score
Sportkini Product Review

No more Swimsuit "anxiety" wondering where your swimsuit is or is not!

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