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Naturally Sweetened By Fruit
14g of Protein Per Serving
Whey Protein Isolate
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Variety Of Flavors
100% All-Natural
No Bloating
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Thank you to SMASHPACK for sending their Mixed Berry, Tropical Fruit and Orange Peach fruit and protein packs in for the purposes of this review. With that said, it in no way affects our always unbiased stance on every product review we do.

Fruit and Protein Packs by SMASHPACK are a premium alternative to the “healthy” snacks and smoothies that are now very prominent in the nutrition market. SMASHPACK identified a need to get back to eating only those foods that mother nature intended for your body.

“It amazed us how manufacturers could create so many healthy and convenient snacks for infants that were made from real food, yet for us adults there was next to nothing” – SMASHPACK

In the search for their ideal on-the-go healthy treat, the founders couldn’t find a single, great tasting, convenient, high protein snack made pretty much entirely of real food that someone could grab while rushing about their day. SMASHPACK went about creating what they call delicious smoothie blends almost entirely from fruits, packaging it into a convenient squeeze pouch. They didn’t stop there- within each squeezable SMASHPACK you will find 14g of premium whey protein isolate. Additionally, the products are Paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and claim to contain nothing artificial. The packaging is BPA-free too!


SMASHPACKS are specifically designed to aid in performance and recovery nutrition, aiming to fuel the performance of every athlete at every ability.

The product flavors and images that we tested for this product review are shown below:

Mixed Berries

Mixed Berries Taste Score: 8/10

Tropical Fruit

Tropical Fruit Taste Score: 8/10

Orange Peach

Orange Peach Taste Score: 10/10

Our Experience: 

I did a fair bit of research into SMASHPACKS before our shipment for this review arrived because I was very curious to see what the experience of this product was for other consumers. There seemed to be a split down the middle of individuals who either were die hard SMASHPACK fans and saw the value in the product, and those who were put off by the “grainy” and “thick” texture of the protein packs. Having now tried all the products myself I can address the potential issues raised by others, where some have found that “it tasted too much like protein”, or “loved the taste, but it’s grainy”.

Let’s be clear: this is not a product designed to duplicate an applesauce like texture or simply be a tasty treat. This is a performance product that is meant to act as the antidote for poor nutrition options in a fast pace and demanding world.

SMASHPACK prides itself on being free from artificial ingredients, and provides a decent amount of protein in each packet. Seasoned athletes and healthy individuals might expect that the texture would not be super smooth and watery due to the pulp and protein content – such properties might even suggest that they’re not getting the nutrients that were promised by the company on the label.

When I received the product(s), every flavor was chilled in the refrigerator before consumption. Since there was a total of 6 packets, I consumed prior to training as well as for a recovery, per SMASHPACKS advice. I found the product to be delicious in flavoring, thick, and noticeably packed with protein. As an athlete, that “grainy” texture that some seemed to shy away from was something that reassured me I was putting good nutrition back into my body. A personal favorite of mine was the Orange Peach, however, you can’t go wrong with any of the flavors. I was also incredibly impressed with the quantity within each packet! This was huge for me as it really makes you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth in addition to the peace of mind that it’s a healthy choice and not just a high sugar smoothie.

For me it ticks all the boxes of what a good protein pack in this category ‘should’ do. Help you to achieve your protein intake goals, in a healthy way and with no harmful chemicals or unnatural additives.


  • Calories: 118
  • Protein: 14g
  • Carbs: 17g (14g are all natural sugars)
  • Fats: 4.5g


Our Experience: Positives

So first let’s start out with all of the SMASHPACK positives.

  • Naturally Sweetened By Fruit: No Gluten, No Soy, No Artificial ingredients! Kosher certified.
  • 14g of Protein Per Serving: Protein Blend (Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate). Each packet of SMASHPACKS fruit & protein packs is specifically designed to repair muscles.
  • Whey Protein Isolate: WPI is the main contributor of the mass of the blend, which is beneficial to those individuals who are more lactose-sensitive.
  • Great Packaging: Your selected flavors arrive in a sealed 5oz BPA-free pouch perfect for your busy and active lifestyle.
  • Various Flavors: SMASHPACKS are offered in 3 distinct flavors: Mixed Berry, Tropical Fruit, and Orange Peach
  • 100% All-Natural: Paleo-friendly, artificial-free, and made with real food.
  • No Bloating: or gastric discomfort.

Our Experience: Negatives

After reviewing every flavor SMASHPACK had to offer, twice, I found it very difficult to point out any negatives with this product. Even the price for these packets seemed well within a reasonable amount for the size of each packet as well as the nutrients within each one. You could spend upwards of $3-4 dollars per NAKED or Innocent smoothie and still barely reach 1.5g of protein collectively. For some individuals however, I wonder if a slightly higher protein content could have been obtained without compromising the flavor. See the comparison table below for similar products in this category which don’t have the added protein content:


I will advise readers that SMASHPACKS are best consumed when chilled, so for those of you traveling for sports, work or your hectic schedule you may want to plan ahead.


In a sentence: Quality ingredients, rich and delicious flavors, no-nonsense: just how we like it!

SMASHPACKS are something Athletes Insight can get behind. They have recognized the need for quality products in a fitness world so heavily saturated with misleading information, especially regarding our nutrition. With SMASHPACKS you know exactly what you are putting into your body, something so few athletes and active adults can actually say.

“Choosing healthy just got a whole lot easier” – SMASHPACK

Off the back of our experience with the products we managed to snag an EXCLUSIVE deal for our readers across SMASHPACK’s premium range of delicious packs for 25% off any online products! Use code: AINSIGHT25 at checkout. Click here to redeem


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SMASHPACK Product Review

10 Total Score
SMASHPACK Product Review

SMASHPACKS are something Athletes Insight can get behind. They have recognized the need for quality products in a fitness world so heavily saturated with misleading information, especially regarding our nutrition.

Protein Content
  • Naturally Sweetened By Fruit
  • 14g of Protein Per Serving
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Great Packaging
  • Variety Of Flavors
  • 100% All-Natural
  • No Bloating
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