Running Tips To Fix the TOP 5 Running Problems and Quickly Improve Your Running Performance

Running Tips To Fix the TOP 5 Running Problems and Quickly Improve Your Running Performance

Quick running tips you can apply to common runner’s problems and take your performance up a notch!
If you are a beginner looking for running tips, or struggling in a bit of a plateau, check out our quick fix performance tips for runners and get back on the road!


If you are finding that your running pace is dropping after the first 5-10 minutes of your run, it is usually down to 1 of 2 things:

Firstly, you could be setting the pace too high for your aerobic energy system to sustain, forcing you to use your anaerobic energy stores.

This is not sustainable for very long hence the pace drop.

Decrease your onset pace and speed up your running pace gradually between each training session.


Secondly, it could be because you are not sufficiently warm before you start your run.

Your body is not prepared and ready for what you are throwing at it.

Ask yourself, are you one of them straight out the door and into your session types?


A little stretching will really help here, and you may want to start your run at a moderately paced jog for the first five minutes, before launching into your session.

Use it to clear your mind and put you in the mindset for your workout.

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Most of us are actually way more dehydrated than we realize.

Add to this, we lose a lot of fluid through sweating when we run; YES, even when it’s cold and we can’t necessarily see it dripping off our skin.

Unfortunately, even a little dehydration can significantly decrease your running performance.

Not only that, but it will also slow your recovery too. It’s no wonder pro athletes drink so much!


Figure out how much fluid you should take on.

This is dead simple, just weigh yourself before your run, and again after.

The weight lost is the amount of fluid lost!

To combat this, consume approx. 1.5x the amount of fluid that you lost (because your body won’t retain all that you consume!).

A smart way would be to drink some before you go, and again after. Or if it’s a long run, take a handheld bottle.


Your progress will quickly stall if you aren’t doing your workouts for when they are scheduled.

‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ quickly turns into the day after, and before you know it you are a week behind.

This can become a demoralizing cycle.


We all experience setbacks, but if it is just excuses and motivational issues (It’s too cold! It’s dark now I don’t want to), then perhaps find a running buddy to hold you accountable.

But REMEMBER: Even if you always run alone, you are part of the Athletes Insight community, which is full of runners and athletes JUST LIKE YOU. Click here for our group!

Athletes Insight was created to unite athletes of all abilities, all around the world, in one big supportive, ambitious environment.

Check out our latest posts on the social media channel of your choice for a pick-me-up; participate, and leave comments about how you feel.

There will ALWAYS be someone to help lift you up if you need that little boost!



Feel like you are always doing the same thing and it’s losing its appeal?

One great way to improve your times according to research, is actually to change the route altogether.

Because you are seeing new things and thinking less about the exertion, it can inject new life.

You don’t always have to run super local, take a quick drive for a new start point, or run a new area.


Many of us listen to music whilst running, as it can really help to take your mind away.

Another proven way to drop your times is to have a ‘power song’.

Deploy this secret weapon (your anthem of choice!) when the going gets tough on your run.

It certainly works, and can keep you from losing faith.

Think how happy you will be with your new PR!

Our staff recommend choosing something epic, fast-paced, or even a power ballad!


Are you putting in the time and the miles each week, but things just aren’t improving?

Whilst it is normal to have the occasional plateau, sometimes it is your programme that needs tweaking, or even an overhaul!

A good training programme consists of different phases with realistic, achievable goals to structure and improve your performance gradually.

At Athletes Insight we have a professionally qualified team that can look over your program and help you make changes to improve your progress.

Drop us an email of what you are currently up to and we can make some personalized suggestions and running tips.

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