Oral I.V Product Review

Oral IV Product Review


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Oral I.V Product Review
Oral I.V Product Review
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Oral I.V Product Review & Hydration Misconceptions


For regular individuals, recommended fluid intake from various health authorities is generally around 8 cups (and upwards) of water a day.

However, as road warriors and athletes, I am sure I am not alone in saying I often drink WAY more, yet still feel dehydrated. Is this you too? If so, you may be wondering why.

Consuming a large amount of water day-in day-out can still lead to chronic dehydration, and used to be something I frequently experienced.

It began to get very concerning why my incessant water intake would not provide the kind of relief I was looking for. I was taking all the right steps, water throughout the day, sports drinks during intense workouts, recovery shakes post workout, but still this dry mouth and unsatisfied thirst remained.

After a little Google-fu into this phenomenon I discovered that chronic dehydration was something that almost 75% of Americans suffer from! 75%!


Quick Story Time:

For those of you that know us well, we partnered up with Spartan Race and were a sponsor at their World Championships in Lake Tahoe. Whilst we were there, This is when I remembered a company called Oral IV. I first encountered Oral IV at the 2016 Spartan World Championships. Contestants would go from the finish line, and wait outside the Oral IV trailer; they were clearly looking for what Oral IV had to offer.


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I began researching Oral IV’s website trying to find out for myself what the hype was about. If you have ever been to a Spartan event, especially the World Championships, you know that these are not the type of athletes that take their training lightly, and what they put into their body is no exception.

About Oral I.V:

Oral I.V is comprised of 100% all-natural ingredients, is gluten free, sugar free and contains no less than 11 minerals.

With a small, concentrated serving of just 13.8ml, the company recommends taking one I.V with water for every 4-6 hours of strenuous activity, and does clearly state that it does not by itself replenish volume of water, so maintain water consumption as appropriate. Alternatively, they recommend taking one vial when you wake up, and one before bed.

Oral I.V

After doing this for a week (14 vials), you can see how this would add up (4 vials is currently going for $12 on Amazon), so if you are an athlete that needs this, you had better buy in bulk. With that said, can you put a price on performance? Especially with the portability factor, I could definitely see how this could be used to help keep cramps at bay. Typical use cases could be Spartan Ultra runners, other Marathon+ racers, etc. Because the vial itself is so small, it is not noticeable enough to affect your running.

Oral I.V states that “it has found a way to make your water work better for you”.

This potent, proprietary combination blend allows your cells to hypercharge with electrons, triggering their ability to hydrate almost immediately. No more pounding sports drinks to sustain your quench, or rushing to the restroom every 5 minutes from excess water intake.


Our Experience:

I sampled my Oral I.V for a week. It tastes pretty much like saline, and I can’t honestly say I felt a noticeable difference. With that said, I was not in the middle of a marathon at the time. I could totally see why long-distance runners might find this a great addition to their arsenal during activity, as a quick shot of electrolytes and to help offset dehydration by making the water within your body work to your advantage. I can’t really test the physiological effect of this outside of a lab but I can say that combined with regular water intake as suggested, I wasn’t reaching for bottle after bottle of water.

Oral I.V

There is no doubt that maintaining a much more hydrated state throughout the day and well into my workouts is the goal. The question for you might be, is it worth it?

I think what you are paying for is the convenience factor of a ready-made solution in a small, quick and easily digestible form factor to increase hydration. In which case, I would recommend it for those in a tight spot, or in a competitive race.

However for daily consumption when you are based at home, I think I would stick to my regular electrolytes and save a little money.



I like the idea of it, though it is a little on the expensive side. I would buy for competition days.

Also, a little more transparency would be nice. In 2017 I think consumers really value knowing what goes into a product exactly, rather than a proprietary blend of crystalloid electrolytes and other trace minerals.

Thank you again to Oral I.V for sending us these vials for an unbiased review. https://www.oraliv.com/

Oral IV Product Review

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Oral I.V Product Review

We sampled my Oral I.V for a week. It tastes pretty much like saline, and I can't honestly say I felt a noticeable difference. With that said, I was not in the middle of a marathon at the time.

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