RHA T10i Headphones Review: Best Gym Buds On The Market?

RHA T10i Headphones Review: Best Buds On The Market?

Review of RHA T10i Headphones

First off, let me open by saying I am not an audiophile.

My main uses for headphones are when I am training in the gym, or doing some kind of sprint session. This means that to me it is really important that my headphones stay in place, and cumbersome/heavy ‘over the head’ earphones are not really what I am looking for.

I felt recently that my music was doing nothing for me during training the last few months. And, like most people, I had taken a stab on Amazon, going for some random headphones that looked decent because of reviews, but were also cheap.

[Interesting fact: Did you know that the majority of Amazon reviews are fake? Yet they are one of the most trusted sources in people’s purchasing decisions]

So, fed up of the headphones I had been using, I cast my mind back to a pair I used to have which provided this great sound that I loved. They were a pair by a longstanding manufacturer called RHA, who are really into their acoustics and a specialist British [yay!] audio company. I had their MA450i’s, which I broke a few times but thankfully they came with a 3 year warranty and each time the customer service was always so excellent that it was never a problem to get in touch and have them replaced. I remember they actually sent a pair to Salt Lake City where I was competing for Bobsled once in time for a race!

Why do I mention this? Well, customer service is HUGE to me, because I really believe that manners are free, yet people seem so hellbent on quantity of customers over quality these days. Anyway I spoke to the lovely Marina at RHA HQ in Scotland, and asked if she had a recommendation based on my activities.

Without further ado, I present to you the RHA T10i Headphones.

RHA Headphones T10i Box

Great looking, and seemingly very well built, RHA’s T10i headphones feature noise-isolating buds, are made of stainless steel providing a very refined look. Hand made drivers, interchangable sound filters, and sturdy, reinforced oxygen-free copper cable make this a real premium product.

The adjustable tips on these earbuds allow you to physically customize the sound delivered by the drivers to your ears. This is something I have never come across before, only equalizer effects that can be set- never tangible components. I went with the increased bass filters.

All in all, I think the sound quality of these is FANTASTIC. It feels more ‘3D’ somehow, a step beyond the left and right of stereo sound. Softer instruments playing seem further away, whilst a drumset could be right next to me. Makes me feel like I am in a room where such songs are taking place.

RHA T10i Headphones gym

I have to say, they seemed a bit fancy compared to what I normally use! The stainless-steel metal design of these really gives a premium feel with only a slight increase in weight. They certainly feel very high quality and durable for the few weeks I have been using them. AND they are a beautify piece of engineering, I imagine an audiphile equivalent to those who marvel at car engines. This kind of luxury seems to be associated with a much higher price point.

Unsurprisingly, they do not fall out easily at all. I think this is largely because you can bend the cable around your ear and because they loop over the top, gravity isn’t always trying to pull them out. PRO TIP: They are actually perfect if you want to just get on with your workout uninterrupted, as they block out sound really well. I find myself wanting to just leave them in and get on with what I’m doing, lost in my own world.

An essential requirement for me in my quest for great earbuds is an inline remote control. I always look for this, because I want the ability to skip tracks and adjust volume on the fly, for example before I am about to start a set (heavy tunes for heavy weights!). I don’t want to be fiddling around going through my phone where I might come across other distractions. These are great for that.

One unexpected benefit is that I think they look really unobtrusive when they are on, not like a mass of white cable everywhere.

As you can see from the video above, there is a zillion different ear cushions. An important note, it really is worth taking the time to find which ones give you the best seal and fit so that you get the best out of these headphones.

I would wholeheartedly recommend RHA as a company to anyone based on their customer service alone. They really stand by their products with the 3 year warranty. The quality of the audio in the two different headsets I have owned from RHA has really impressed me actually, and from what I understand, delivers at a much more affordable price point than competitor offerings of this quality. They sound like super expensive headphones and I much prefer them to Bose’s current sport ones which I have tried.

I really hope this write-up helps somebody 🙂

Conclusion: Very powerful, full-bodied sound; a marvelous piece of engineering and a real pleasure to listen with.

Click here to check out RHA’s website

These are the T10i’s I have from Amazon

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