Retiring From Sport

Athlete Transitions | Did you recently retire from sport, or are you considering it?

The transition from being an athlete to whatever life holds next is difficult for anyone.

What do I do now? Who am I? How do I get into (insert job/industry here).

It can be a time of depression, anxiety, low-self worth, as well as a world of new opportunities, friends, and adventures.


At Athletes Insight we offer free mentoring and support for athletes considering life after sport. It doesn’t matter if you are currently competing and considering retirement, or even retired 10 years ago. Sometimes we all need someone impartial who can offer advice, support, or just listen.

We have an excellent support network and incredible connections that can work with you, offer advice, and point you in the right direction.

Fill out the brief form below and you can text, email, chat, and work with your assigned mentor.


Best of all, it’s absolutely FREE.

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