PerformaSleep Mattress Product Review

Athlete choice PerformaSleep Mattress Product Review


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PerformaSleep Mattress Product Review
PerformaSleep Mattress Product Review
No Pressure Points
Full Nights Sleep
CopperCool Technology
Weight Distribution = No sinking or disturbing your partner
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PerformaSleep Mattress Product Review

We have been testing the PerformaSleep mattress now for just over 30 nights. So, now feel we are in a good position to conclude our product review.

How does it arrive?

The performance mattress comes shrink-wrapped about 3 feet high and about 1.5 feet wide (20 x 21 x 40). The entire package is fairly heavy, especially since we received the queen size (59.5″ x 79.5″).  They do warn that it could take up to 8-10 hours to fully expand once opened, however, our mattress was essentially ready within minutes of opening it!  As for the mattress itself, the thickness is quite high, sitting at around 11-11.5 inches thick.


The PerformaSleep mattress is made up of Polyurethane foams. All of the foams that are a part of the PerformaSleep mattress are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning they are made without ozone depleters, formaldehyde, lead and other heavy metals, and are low VOC. To learn more about their CertiPUR-US certification, visit

PerfromaSleep Mattress Product Review


Night One – First impressions, are that it feels like sleeping on a marshmallow, or a cloud, due to a strong sense of weightlessness. Key for me, I haven’t noticed any pressure points which feels great! 


Upon further reading, apparently the unique construction and technology of the mattress allows you to sleep not only cooler but also better, by alleviating typical pressure points in the mattress. This in return gives you a better night’s sleep and ultimately allows you the potential to be happier, and to perform better in your everyday activities. Theoretically fantastic, right?


Negatives – I actually woke up not wanting to get out of bed at all after night one, and wasn’t feeling fully refreshed, ready to jump out of bed and challenge the world like I thought. Also, if you are sleeping next to someone, you can feel their every movement- not good if you have a wriggler next to you.


Night Two – Similar thoughts to night one- no pressure points even when lying on one side is amazing. I felt 7-8/10 rested but maybe because I haven’t been exercising as usual, I haven’t been sleeping *as hard* if that makes sense. Bits of the bed not being slept on do feel cool as you move onto them which is nice- bear in mind this is middle of a cold winter. I also don’t feel like I super sink in to one spot which is good, despite my weight. In my past experiences, this has been common with foam-based mattresses so I am pleased this doesn’t happen.


One Month – After sleeping on it for a month- the whole ‘not feeling hot’ and the lack of pressure points on the hips and shoulders make this mattress excellent for me personally. I think after a small adjustment period I have since slept consistently well each night, feeling very well rested each morning. It’s definitely had a positive impact on my life. As I often work from home I do sometimes even use it to sit in bed and write (which is exactly what I am doing now)! This mattress provides much needed relief and escapism for the both of us. All in all a great mattress for an active individual such as myself (6″2, 210lbs).  



Night one: I felt incredibly well rested and woke up very few times throughout the night. This was a huge win for me as I rarely if ever get what I believe to be a “good nights rest”. The bed remains very warm and cozy throughout the night but not so hot that it’s unbearable and disturbs your sleep like many memory foam beds.


Night Two: I noticed that as I’m sleeping I never feel or notice my partner moving or getting in and out of the bed. It’s a Queen size bed (59.5″ x 79.5″) and even if we are sleeping very close together, he does not interrupt my sleeping.


One Month: There’s no pressure points from sleeping on the mattress, one of its key strengths seems to be in weight distribution. Further reading into the mattress’ specifications told us more about the technology behind our anecdotal findings. This mattress for me personally has revolutionized the way I feel. As someone who is always tired, always looking to squeeze in a nap or fuel up on more caffeine, this mattress has provided so much relief in my life. For once, I’m sleeping peacefully again, so much so that after these first 30-days I was almost emotional with how happy the PerformaSleep mattress has made me feel. I am forever skeptical about a mattress providing me with the tools I need for a complete nights rest, until now. If anyone out there struggles with the same restlessness that I do, you can only imagine the impact that this mattress had on my body and mental health when I was finally still and sleeping throughout the night. As well as waking up refreshed and filled with energy. Granted there are the occasional days where I just love staying snuggled up in the bed for a few minutes longer.

The CopperCool™ Technology infused into the top layer of the mattress help dissipate excess body heat, give variable support, and eliminate any moisture.  The PerformaSleep Enersorb™ material also gives the mattress bounce to help you move freely throughout the bed and not feel like you are stuck in a hole as with traditional memory foam mattresses.


Overall, we both quickly fell in love with this mattress as it caters to Richs’ needs of being supportive but not too soft and Saras’ needs of remaining cool yet functional for two people to be in the bed without disturbing one another. On all of our previous mattresses we have added very plush feather toppers to increase the comfort whilst sleeping. We even added our beloved mattress topper to the PerformaSleep mattress as a comparison and quickly decided how unnecessary our trusted topper was- we actually preferred not having it! The PerformaSleep mattress really is optimal for both mine and Rich’s sleep needs, no fluffy additions required.


The price point for this exact mattress is $875.00 dollars which we understand is a bit higher than most “memory foam” mattresses, however, this is an investment that for us would definitely be worthwhile. They do have a 100 nights no quibble trial you can do which is a really good idea if you are a fence-sitter.


We think this mattress will allow individuals of more or less any size and sleep style to rest easy without compromise. Sara and I are very different but we both love it. If you choose to get it but for some reason you don’t love the mattress like we do, they offer 100 days trial and FREE pickup from your home to return, should you want to.


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PerformaSleep Mattress Product Review


10 Total Score
PerformaSleep Mattress Product Review

We both quickly fell in love with this mattress as it caters to Richs' needs of being supportive but not too soft and Saras' needs of remaining cool yet functional for two people to be in the bed without disturbing one another.

Adjustment Period
  • Weightlessness
  • No Pressure Points
  • Full Nights Sleep
  • CopperCool Technology
  • Weight Distribution = No sinking or disturbing your partner
  • Price
  • Must Give 30 Days To Fully Adjust To Mattress
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