PeachDish Product Review

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PeachDish Product Review



We recently had the opportunity to review two premium meals from the ever-changing and expanding PeachDish menu.
These meals were:

Chicken Kebabs over Saffran-Barberry Rice with Sugar Snap Peas. Price: $25

PeachDish Product Review

Although the origins of the kebab are contested, little skewers of roasted meat were served in Persia as far back as the middle ages. Barberries, another touch from Iranian cuisine, add a plucky note to the nutty blend of almond and rice, while the aroma of sweet curry spice permeates the dish with a savory heat. Sugar snap peas, sauteed quickly in the pan with shallots just as the chicken finishes cooking, adds a a sweet crunch to round out the dish.

Wild Alaskan Salmon with Almond Pilaf & Glazed Baby Turnips. Price: $28

PeachDish Product Review

Poaching, which involves cooking food in a liquid at a low heat, allows the wild-caught salmon’s bold flavor to shine while keeping the delicate flesh moist and intact. Keta, one of the five species of salmon, contains less oil than other species, which gives it a lighter flavor and firmer texture that many people find appealing. While mature, spicy turnips would run the risk of overpowering the dish, baby turnips are much subtler. Glazing them in the concentrated poaching liquid yields a sweet and tender result.

Both meals beautifully crafted by the very talented Culinary Director, Seth Freedman over at PeachDish.

What we found truly remarkable about Peach Dish that separates them from their competition in this space is the level of community outreach that is involved in the preparation and creation of each PeachDish meal.

PeachDish strives to provide the highest quality meal kits and groceries available. That is why they continuously source local & organic produce, and if that’s not an available option, PeachDish will seek out a local or organic choice; then fresh, artisan quality. The team over at PeachDish believes so firmly in allowing their customers full transparency as to what is in their meals that they even provide a full list of the Farmers & Suppliers that took part in creating your one-of-a-kind dish.

In 2017, PeachDish spent $1,617,872 directly with local farmers.

PeachDish Product Review

Our Experience


List is in no specific order.
  1. Artisan Goods & Groceries: 
    • PeachDish gives preference to products from USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade Certified™, and Non-GMO Project verified brands.
    • PeachDish will seek to work with businesses holding a mission to make a positive social impact.
    • PeachDish will not source products that include: artificial colors, artificial flavors/sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats/hydrogenated fats or artificial preservatives.
  2. Humanely-Raised Meats: Animals are humanely raised on small farms and priority is given to farms that are:
    • USDA Certified Organic
    • Animal Wealthfare Approved
    • Global Animal Partnership (GAP)
    • American Humane Association
  3. Caters To Dietary Needs: Enjoy a wide range of meals that cater to the needs of various individuals and lifestyles. For example, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, meat based, quick fix meals and so much more are available upon request.
  4. Informational Guides: If there is one thing besides great tasting meals that PeachDish excels at, it is providing full transparency as to what goes into your meal and where it is sourced from.
    • Meal information including prep and cook time are included in each dish.
    • Ingredients, Nutritional Facts and Helpful Hints are also included in your packet of information.
    • If you wish to dig even deeper, full Farmer & Supplier lists are constructed for each meal that PeachDish provides.
  5. Ever-expanding Menu: Each week PeachDish customers will have at least nine meals to choose from. Six of these will change weekly, and the other three change seasonally. The popular seasonal dishes are offered to give customers consistent options to choose from and usually rotate every several weeks.
  6. Past Menu & Recipes Available: Since the PeachDish menu is like a living organism, always growing and evolving, PeachDish has taken their customer service and business quality one step further by providing the public with a full list of past meals and even the recipes to re-create some of their favorite dishes! Click here to view recipes.
  7. Community Outreach: 
    • PeachDish is proud to be the first meal-kit business to offer a mail-back recycling program to help our customers process meal kit recyclables.
    • Portioned ingredients eliminate food waste at home.
    • Any food PeachDish cannot sell is distributed to food banks, employees, or composted.
    • PeachDish is proud to donate food, kits, and dollars in support of local philanthropies and organizations. In 2017, PeachDish gave almost $24,000 in charitable contributions.
    • 80% of PeachDish farmers are within 40 miles of their distribution center in Atlanta.
  8. Quality/Taste Of Food: The Wild Alaskan Salmon with Almond Pilaf & Glazed Baby Turnips was absolutely delicious and one that we were initially a bit more concerned about as it is harder to keep fish tasting fresh. However, we found that it was incredibly moist, perfectly seasoned and appropriately proportioned to suit our needs! The Chicken Kebabs over Saffran-Barberry Rice with Sugar Snap Peas was again another perfectly constructed meal that was not overdone with the spices or under-proportioned. We both agreed that we have paid much more for much lower quality meals and it was refreshing to taste such high quality from a prepped meal made right in the comfort of our own home.
  9. Time Saver: For those who have a few minutes to dedicate towards making a delicious and well-balanced dinner, PeachDish is here to help. They provide step-by-step instructions on how to accurately prepare and create your meal with everything portioned out for you already as to make the process an absolute breeze. The meals are a great choice for individuals who like to cook but find themselves with very little time in the day to dedicate towards a lavish meal. For our Alaskan Salmon it took around 45 minutes from start to finish and for the Chicken Kabobs around 20 minutes.


The overall usefulness for athletes we would score at a perfect 10. For those serious about their dietary needs and looking to elevate their fitness routine, PeachDish is a great choice in helping you do so. We highly encourage you peruse their vast menu and recipes to begin incorporating these hand-crafted and nutritional meals into your existing diet*.

We both found that the PeachDish meals were a great way for us to meet our caloric and macro needs for a meal and be fully satisfied afterwards.

Whether you are a weekend warrior, Olympic athlete, or just starting out on your fitness journey (based off of the 2 meals we tested for the purpose of this review and the information gleamed from the PeachDish website) we encourage you to supplement your current training or routine with the exceptional meals provided to you by PeachDish.

A huge thank you to the team at PeachDish for the opportunity to collaborate together and thoroughly test out two delicious meals. A special thank you to Michael Milich, Seth Freedman and Judith Winfrey for allowing Athletes Insight to experience a few of the awesome goodies from PeachDish.



PeachDish Product Review

10 Total Score
PeachDish Product Review

PeachDish aims to bring individuals with the highest quality meals that are directly sourced from local farmers or suppliers. Their dedication to freshness and quality has allowed them to create one-of-a-kind meals and groceries, perfect for all athletes.

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