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How Can Mentoring Help Me?

Sometimes we could really use someone to help guide us towards our aims, or help us to develop in ways we do not know how. Even if all you need is someone to lend a confidential ear, or to point you in the right direction, we are here to help. We even have a great network of specialists in place when you need it most, collaborating with world experts in physiology, medicine, lifestyle, and psychology. It could be ongoing, or one time advice required to help you on your way, you are equally welcome.

And yes, it’s available to everyone, regardless of ability.

I Need Help!

Nobody got to where they want to be without help from the right people. Speaking with someone from Athletes Insight is an excellent first step. Having the courage to reach out can actually be the hardest thing to do, but until that point you could be holding yourself back. No-one should be afraid to ask for help.

Everything we do and talk about is 100% confidential. We are here to listen, and to help.

Start A Conversation


Some prompts if you are not sure where to start:

What is your current situation?

Do you play a particular sport at a particular level?

How old are you and what are your main challenges?

Someone will get back to you ASAP to help. Rest assured everything that is discussed remains strictly confidential.

Athletes Insight