Liberte Lifestyle Product Review

Liberte Lifestyle Product Review

Recently we have been reviewing the Knee Sleeves and Wrist Wraps by Liberte Lifestyles. The company is owned and operated by an experienced crossfit athlete, super mom and fashion addict, Nicole Cowell. Nicole had a passion for freeing an athlete and with that, realized a need for functional, quality-based products that both men and women wanted to train in.

Whether you are into CrossFit, weightlifting, power-lifting or gym training our goal at Liberte Lifestyles is to bring you fitness & training products that help you train hard and look good doing it!”

As a seasoned long-distance runner myself who has converted to more gym-based workouts, my knees have taken years of wear whilst putting in countless miles during training. I was eager to try the Liberte Lifestyle Knee Sleeves for myself as the use of prophylactic (protective or preventive) knee braces is an attempt to reduce the occurrence or severity of injuries to the knee joint ligaments without inhibiting overall knee mobility. Many people choose to wear this sort of thing whether for joint warmth, stability, or even placebo benefits.


Liberte Lifestyles Knee Sleeves & Wrist Wraps are for anyone who needs some extra support for their wrists and knees when performing CrossFit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting or general Gym training.

Wrist Wrap

These come as a one-size-fits-all, pattern as shown below. Tightness and fit can be adjusted with the velcro fastening.

Liberte Lifestyles Product Review

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Knee Sleeves 

The size that was tested was a SMALL (Knee Circumference 33-37cm / 13.0 – 14.5 inches) with the pattern below:

Liberte Lifestyles Product ReviewLiberte Lifestyles Product Review

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Our Experience: 

Let’s start with the 5mm Aloha Floral Print Knee Sleeves (pair).

I do not typically train with any type of knee sleeves or bands during my sessions so it was interesting to try out the Liberte Lifestyle sleeves on both knees. Overall, they provided me with a lot of confidence whilst lifting that I didn’t realize I was losing before.

On longer sets I occasionally have difficulty with swaying knees when returning to the start position of a squat, as well as trouble reaching a deep and proper squat position with significantly more intense weight. As much as I would like to believe that I do not need knee sleeves during my sessions and can rely on sheer strength alone, I must admit I was thoroughly impressed with the stability and form I was able to maintain on even my PR weights.

During my squats, deadlifts and leg press exercises, the sleeves comfortably supported my knees and allowed me to focus on just quality reps each time and get the most out of each movement within a set. In addition, I typically train in leggings to ensure that my legs stay semi-warm during my sessions and reduce the risk of injury in any way that I can. However, there are times where I am forced to train in shorts-that is where these knee sleeves really became a golden tool as they kept my knees stable, compressed and quite warm throughout my entire session.

  • 5mm SBR Neoprene  – strong and durable to support heavy lifting and every day movements
  • Contoured design to ensure comfort – incorporating an overall snug fit and minimizing bunching at the back of the knee
  • Reinforced stitching to ensure they not only look good but will last through the toughest training sessions
  • Nylon lining to reduce slippage
  • PK Cloth cover with our signature fun and edgy prints
  • Reversible – can be worn inside out if you want to wear plain black


Next, the 3mm Pineapple Print Wrist Wraps.

First off, I thought it was hilarious that Liberte Lifestyle sent me the Pineapple Print Wrist Wraps to review, especially since I am deathly allergic to pineapples! So that was a good laugh for Rich and I as I was first unwrapping these goodies. These wraps are a set of two strips of cloth, each a little over a foot long, with a sturdy, stitched-in loop at one end.

I personally try to use assistance wraps in moderation because I do not want to compromise my forearm or grip strength, or rely too heavily on wraps to sustain my grip during sets. That is why I prefer to use them only when I really, actually need them—that is, when I’m in the gym and my grip is slipping (more towards the end of my sets).

I found these wraps incredibly comfortable and lightweight, there was no fraying of the material or deep cutting into my wrist or forearms.

  • 3mm SBR Neoprene – strong and durable with reinforced stitching to support heavy lifting and every day movements
  • PK Cloth cover with our signature fun and edgy prints – matching knee sleeves are available in all wrist wrap prints
  • 8cm (3″) wide and 38cm (15″)  long
  • Velcro fastening with elastic thumb loop


Our Experience: Positives

So first let’s start out with all of the Liberte Lifestyle positives.

  • Anatomical design suitable for Men & Women. Liberte Lifestyles have a Knee Sleeve that in our testing fit very well, without impeding or restricting my natural movement range. Particularly with these knee sleeves, they do aim to ensure that they provide enough sizes and varieties to suit the needs of any athlete figure. The owner (Nicole) of Liberte Lifestyles freely states her direct email address on her site for those unsure on what size they may be for a particular product. She encourages customers to message her at any time in order to ensure that the size is just right for each individual. Which leads me into the next bullet point…

Liberte Lifestyle Product ReviewLiberte Lifestyle Product Review

  • Customer Service & Return Policy. Liberte Lifestyle does have very friendly customer service, this is one aspect that can definitely help to separate them from competitors. They don’t offer just a 30 day, 90 or even 120 day return policy, Liberte Lifestyle will accept returns 12 months after the purchase date and issue out a brand new product, should you find a quality issue with the product.
  • Price Point. The price for all of Liberte Lifestyles products range from $9.95 – $59.95. Most times than not you can even find a handful of products on sale, making it a steal since you always buy in pairs, and there is also FREE SHIPPING to both Canada and the U.S.


Our Experience: Negatives

  • Limited Colors/Patterns. Though there is not a large variety of patterns offered by Liberte Lifestyles, what they do carry for their Knee Sleeves, Calf Sleeves, Elbow Sleeves, Wrist Wraps AND Headbands is fairly sufficient and in most cases you can find patterns that complement other products! (As seen below).

Liberte Lifestyle Product Review

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As my final opinion, if you’re looking for a quality support to train in and get the most from your efforts, Liberte Lifestyles has done a great job at achieving that. There isn’t much risk when purchasing them because they will 100% always ensure that you have received your perfect fit in a pattern that enjoy putting on for each workout.

I do wish they carried more options in patterns but I have hope that as the company expands, so will their exciting colors and designs. Great job so far.


Shop Knee Sleeves Here or Shop Wrist Wraps Here


Liberte Lifestyles Product Review


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