Idle Sleep Mattress Review

Solid Option Idle Sleep Mattress Review
Cool, supportive foam that reduces pressure points.
Latex construction that increases heat distribution.
2-Sided mattress that helps increase the longevity of lifetime.
Quantum Edge-To-Edge Coil Unit reduces motion & increases durability
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Sleep is perhaps the most important component of an individual’s schedule, athlete or not. So we have taken it upon ourselves recently to see just what is out there in terms of mattresses offering to give us a great night’s sleep. Today, we are reviewing a two-sided mattress from Idle Sleep – The 14” Idle Double Sided Latex Hybrid.

Catchy, no?

First things first- Why Latex? In the words of Idle Sleep, “Latex is a bouncier foam so you sleep more “on top” of the mattress”, vs. being more absorbed by purely foam based mattresses. That’s not to say that there isn’t foam in this one. The majority of it is actually 6” of pocketed coil springs in the middle, then 3” of natural latex each side, and 1” of foam each side, with organic cotton top it off.

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This mattress is supposed to have great airflow, and latex doesn’t trap heat unlike foam-based mattresses. Could be perfect for those of us with an ever-burning furnace inside!

Now one of the main reasons that people change their mattress is because it is no longer supportive for them and does not give them a good night’s rest. Two-sided mattresses theoretically double the lifetime of your mattress. In our case however with the mattress we received, each side had a different firmness to it, which made it great for reviewing, but I’d probably recommend getting two of the same if you know your preference, just to extend the lifetime of your mattress as long as possible. Our review mattress had two sides, a Luxury Firm side and a Medium side.

It’s important to note here that the mattress does come with a LIFETIME warranty so once you know it’s what you want, you are set. Technically it is a 20 year warranty, which then allows the customer to buy another at 50% off. Talk about brand loyalty!

What about a trial period? You can try out the mattress for upto 120 nights and still return it if you aren’t sure, but they do ask that you try the mattress for at least a month before making any decisions.

Here’s some more mattress specs, and then on to our thoughts!

  • IDLE™ Cool Support Foam more restful, cool and reduces pressure points that cause you to toss and turn, so you sleep better and feel better.
  • Latex construction which is excellent for heat dissipation
  • Thermocool™ fabric designed to work with the body’s natural thermal capabilities through smart fiber cross-sections. It helps you to feel warm when you are cold and cool when you feel hot.
  • The IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam is made without visco-elastic chemicals so it stays cooler than memory foam with better pressure relief.
  • 2-sided. Meaning you can flip your mattress over to avoid body impressions in the foam and furthering the life of the bed.
  • IDLE Hybrids use the Quantum Edge-To-Edge Coil Unit, one of the best coil units available on the market. It helps provide great edge to edge support, reduce motion, and enhance durability.

Our Experience:

This thing is a monster! Weighing in at over 200lbs, I didn’t know a mattress could weigh roughly the same as me. I’ll be honest I had no idea really if this was a good thing or not. But what I can say is that it definitely requires two people to unbox it and get it situated where you want it- it was a good workout warm-up!

Idle Sleep Review

It did go really well on top of the pallet frame Sara had made.

Because of the spring coils that make up the majority of the mattress, as soon as you cut the vacuum packed back it expands to essentially full size very quickly, so I’d recommend getting it into position and then cutting it open.

I would say one of the standout features aside from the fact it’s like getting two beds for the price of one (since it is double sided), is that you really feel like you get the full width out of it, you can sleep right on the edge and it doesn’t sink. Apparently this is because of 6” thick pocketed cells that make up the core of the mattress.

Now, we wanted to give this a proper test so did approx. 5 nights on each side before writing this up. For reference also, I (Rich) am 6’2 weighing in at 215lbs, and Sara is 5’6 at 133lbs, so we no doubt have different preferences and sleep styles that meet our needs.

Also, for us, we would consider this mattress pretty expensive. I know different priorities for different people, but I do think for some this might be out of budget. With that said, if you are going to spend 33% of your next 20 years sleeping on this thing, it could be considered an absolute steal in the same breath! There are also financing options with Klarna and they frequently have discount codes available from what we have seen.

Our Experience: Positives

Rich: I definitely feel cool when I am sleeping on it. I feel much more like I sleep ‘on it’ as opposed to ‘in it’ like on a lot of mattresses. I hope that makes sense.

Personally I feel it is much easier to get out of bed in a morning than any other mattress we’ve tested (i.e. I don’t feel groggy), but perhaps I would say I feel a little less rested than on the PerformaSleep mattress.

I do prefer the medium side as it gives a bit more than the firm side. It seems like it is extremely high quality and very well made.

I couldn’t feel the other person moving around no matter which side of the mattress was tested, which is great for undisturbed sleep!

Sara: I personally fell in love with the firm side of the mattress more so than the “soft”, which I would have never expected as I loathe sleeping on anything less than a cloud. Something about the firm side gave me the most peaceful sleep and made me feel rejuvenated in the morning.

It has been such a luxury (probably more so for Rich) that no matter which firmness side you’re sleeping on, you pretty much never disturb your partner. I am constantly moving in the night and always making it impossible for him to get a full night’s rest. With the Idle mattress, I can move freely without the fear of disturbing my partner.

This mattress definitely did not promote cuddling, we loved sprawling out and retreating to our own separate havens on the bed when we realized just how much space you had to yourself!

It became a running joke with Rich and I that now we can create fortress like walls between us with all the pillows in the house, and still have enough space to sleep mouth open, legs sprawled, unencumbered by the world around us.

Idle Sleep Review

Our Experience: Negatives

Rich: I can see that for some people they might like to be absorbed more into a mattress. Also it’s very heavy!

Sara: We had a lovely delivery man trudge this 225+ mattress all the way up to the fourth floor and into our apartment, so that saved us tremendously. However, I would 100% always suggest that people have assistance when unwrapping this beast.


One issue that we came across time and time again with our previous mattress was just how hot the foam material would make you at night. Memory foam mattresses are no doubt incredibly comfortable but it is very common for the foam to absorb your body heat rather than offset it. It’s a terribly unsettling feeling to be boiling in a room no matter how cool your AC is set.

The IDLE Cooling Buoyancy Foam is made without visco-elastic chemicals so it stays cooler than memory foam with better pressure relief.

No more night sweats! (Sexy, right?)

Idle Sleep is so confident that they have the exact mattress for your needs that they even offer: Free shipping, free returns, a 20 year warranty, financing available, and a 120 night trial.

Overall this has been a dream mattress that has appealed to both of us for very different reasons. I think that is important to note as Rich and I are vastly different body shapes with polar opposite sleeping needs, so for a mattress to cater to both of us is something quite impressive.

The 14″ Idle Double-sided Latex Hybrid mattress that we tested retails at $2099.00


Idle Sleep Review

9.5 Total Score

We had the opportunity to test the Idle Sleep Double-Sided Latex Hybrid mattress - retail price: $2099.00 and found it to be any athletes dream. If you or your partner struggle with sleepless nights, the Idle mattress is a perfect upgrade as it offers a wide variety of features to cater to a plethora of sleeping needs.

Cooling Technology
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  • Cool, supportive foam that reduces pressure points.
  • Latex construction that increases heat distribution.
  • 2-Sided mattress that helps increase the longevity of lifetime.
  • Quantum Edge-To-Edge Coil Unit reduces motion & increases durability
  • Weight of the mattress: 220+lbs
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