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How To Combat Lonely Running


Calling all outdoor enthusiasts far and wide!

Do you want to add excitement to running, belong to something bigger than yourself, raise money for charity AND get some serious bling for your efforts? You’re in the right place! Athletes Insight has once again launched its popular Global 5k Race set to take place on November 11th in honor of our country’s glorious Veterans Day.

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What is a Global 5k Race, and How does it work?

A Global 5k Race is super straightforward- you can literally take part wherever you are in the world!


Can you imagine, doing what you love to do anyway AND generating money for charity whilst doing it? On the day of the race you will complete the 5k distance in whichever way you want. Whether that is running, jogging, walking, or a combination of all three! There is also a 3 day grace period in which you can complete the full 5k distance. So don’t worry if you are unable to do it all in one day.


We encourage participants of all abilities to take part in this monumental experience by signing up for our latest Global 5k challenge. The best bit? You get to be a part of the exclusive Uplift Community, sharing photos, results, pre-race jitters and team spirit before, on the day of the race and long after as lasting friendships form.


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After you have completed the 5k distance your overall time will be uploaded via the Uplift Community and you can see your time on a board shared with hundreds of other fellow participants from around the world!


What’s even better? After you have conquered your 5k from the comfort of your home, gym, local running trail, you will even receive a glamourous medal with the theme from that races’ charity to commemorate the work you put in and the cause that you supported.



Where do I go to complete the distance?

The beauty of a Global Race is that anyone in the world no matter their location can participate in this awesome challenge. The 5k distance can be completed on a treadmill, on your daily walk around the block, in a running group, or simply as a personal challenge to yourself. Another benefit to this race is that you can complete the distance in multiple parts. No need to be wary of whether or not you can complete a 5k in one session or even one day! You can add up the accumulation of your efforts and submit your final time once you have reached the 5k mark! There is simply no way for you to fail.


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What happens after the race?

After the race is complete you will head back to the group and celebrate your experience with your fellow runners from across the world. Photos, videos, and testimonies about your experience are celebrated in this judgement-free, welcoming community. After times have been submitted we will ship you your congratulatory medal for you to hang on your wall, post to your social media channels and show off to your friends and family. Not only will you have the opportunity to brag about your accomplishment and bling, but you can do so knowing you gave back to a life-changing charity as well!


How Do I Sign Up?

The next Global 5k Race will be held November 11th in honor of Veterans Day and to commemorate all active military as well as those who have served. For this Global Race, proceeds will be donated to the Paralyzed Veterans of America. To sign up, simply visit We are even offering a limited time offer of BUY ONE GET ONE FREE for this race! So grab your family, friends, co-workers, or dog and join the Athletes Insight community to give back and take part in the revolutionary Global 5k today!

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