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Our latest review of frozen entrees / healthy meal options comes straight to you from Grainful. Grainful is ran by a small team of down-to-earth craftspeople looking to bring quality and goodness back to the frozen entree market. No more of those bland, nutrition-lacking TV dinners your grandma served you, Grainful is here to offer top of the line ingredients in a quick and convenient healthy meal.

Here at Grainful we think that real food is the best food. Where our food comes from is as important to us as how it tastes.

With clean ingredients, the food you make will be healthy and delicious. Our ingredient statements read like a chef’s recipe book—without the sauce stains.

We’re all about clean ingredients and bold flavor—we like it simple. We assume you do to.

Rich and I had the opportunity to sample the three options you see below: Unstuffed Pepper, Tucsan Bean & Kale and Ranchero Chicken

grainful product review

The Meaning Behind ‘Grainful’

So what is it that separates Grainful from the competition?

Grainful is on a self-proclaimed MISSION to provide hand-crafted goodness through the use of GRAINS.

Why grains?

Whole grains provide the perfect foundation for creating chef-crafted meals inspired by global cuisines. Grains are full of fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that produce sustaining nourishment and energy. Grains are simply the best!

Grains have been fueling humans for thousands of years, but along the way, something changed. Grains became more processed and the focus shifted to making them faster and cheaper. The goodness that was there in the first place – nutrients, texture, and flavor – was lost. At Grainful, we’re bringing back the culinary craftsmanship established over generations by making our food in small kettle batches to keep all the wholesome goodness inside.

grainful product review

Grainful Founders, President Jan Pajerski and Chef Jeannine Sacco

Our Experience: Pros & Cons


  1. TASTE! Rich and I both immediately agreed that the taste of the Grainful meals are SUPER good! You really don’t feel like you’re eating a frozen meal, which we understand can sometimes feel like it has a negative connotation. All of the meals were incredibly fresh and well-seasoned. Nothing was chewy, burnt, runny or lacking in anyway that we could find.
  2. MENU OPTIONS! Grainful has created an incredibly unique and stand-out menu line up that ranges from a Thai Curry dish to a Vegetarian Chili. There are 8 chef-crafted meals inspired by global cuisines to choose from and out of the 3 that we tested for the purposes of this review, they do not disappoint.
  3. 100% WHOLE-GRAIN! People who eat whole grains as part of a healthy diet have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Grains are important sources of many nutrients, including fiberB vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and folate) and minerals (iron,magnesium and selenium).
  4. COOK TIME! Grainful meals can be unpackaged, cooked in a microwave and its way to your pie hole in as little as 4 MINUTES, now that’s what I call convenient.



We previously stated that the cost per entree ranged from $8.12 – $8.32 which we believed was a bit high for the portion sizes received. However, PLEASE NOTE that this price point REFLECTS THE COST OF ONLINE ENTREES ONLY. With online purchases, they are a higher cost as they are frozen meals packaged with dry-ice to ensure the freshest quality once they have arrived at your doorstep. IN-STORE purchases are actually $4.99 per entree!

**Note: The online prices reflect the final price at checkout, shipping costs are already included so no additional costs are added on.


grainful product review grainful product reviewUsefulness For Athletes

We have rated the Usefulness For Athletes at a 9.5

As I stated above, Rich and I agree that the portion sizes would need to be a bit more if it was going to satisfy our type of nutritional needs and our confident that fellow athletes with the same sort of regimen would feel the same way. So our advice to you, mix two Grainful entrees together (preferably the same style) and WALA, a meal of champions!

But for the athletes and individuals out there looking for packed whole grains, a good amount of protein per meal and minimal calories, Grainful is about to be your new favorite meal.


Overall we have scored this product as a 9.5

Really couldn’t be more pleased with the overall quality of the meals and we definitely look forward to adding A LOT more of the Grainful meals into our diet. Hell, even the dog likes them.

grainful product review

grainful product review

9.5 Total Score
Grainful - Frozen Entrees Product Review

100% whole-grain-based frozen entrees are the perfect quick & healthy meal to power your everyday adventures.

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