Footbeat Sport Product Review

Footbeat Sport Product Review
Footbeat Sport Product Review
Footbeat Sport Product Review
Non Intrusive
Facilitates Vascular Flow
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Footbeat Sport Product Review

Recently we took a closer look at a product within the ever growing recovery sector, the Footbeat sport. The solid name pretty much explains itself, essentially these are boots which apply precise cyclic pressure to a specific area in the arch of the foot (the venous plexus) to provide effective, and truly passive recovery.

“The story of Footbeat is the story of an orthopedic surgeon’s search for a better postoperative therapy to prevent deep vein thrombosis, commonly known as blood clots. In 2005, Chief of Surgery Dr. David Mayer, on morning rounds after ankle, knee, and hip procedures, was dismayed to find patients not using the bulky and awkward pneumatic pumps (leg squeezers) that were the standard protocol for blood clot prevention.”

Footbeat were kind enough to supply both Rich and I with our own pairs of Footbeats for us to accurately try out during a two week trial. I can totally see a need for the product in a clinical population, let’s see how appropriate it is for the athletes and weekend warriors of the world!


Below is a full list of the Sample Kit we received for reviewing:

Footbeat Sport Product Review

Footbeat Sport Product Review

Our Experience:

The slick looking Footbeat Sport came in a nice looking gym tote and certainly looks the part. The shoes that you wear are discreet and well designed, I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy just wearing them around the house in general!

The insole contains the ‘engine’ or heartbeat, so you charge that up with the supplied cables and then when it’s good to go you slip it into your shoes.

The Footbeat Sport also came with a Bluetooth remote on/off button, to be able to control them easily. A nice touch, however a downside of this is that because the remote works on Bluetooth, the insoles and remote are ‘always on’. This means that battery life can be little more than a couple of days standby before the insoles would be drained and need charging- and that’s without using them.

Interestingly, there’s also an app which they recommend you use to turn them on and off, so you don’t really need the remote. You can also select from preset options how long you want the Footbeat’s to keep working for.

With the Footbeats on, you can walk around no problem, you can even lie down with them on, but we were advised we would be better off with our feet firmly on the ground. This is so that the motor has a hard surface to press against, to apply pressure to your foot.

Wearing the Footbeats, there is pressure applied into the arch of the foot for about three seconds. It then stops for about 20 seconds, and does it again. Rinse and repeat for the duration you wish to wear them, but it’s recommended to have them on for at least 30 minutes.

Now, I am all for the science of assisted vascular return to help with recovery and blood flow, but for a product at this price point, and this well designed, we just expected MORE. The pressure point in your foot is always the same, and I like the concept- I think it would be interesting if they could make a foot massage edition. How many of us have tight arches and feet following long runs? Wouldn’t it be great to put on what is essentially a pair of slippers and have your feet massaged?

Unfortunately, we have a product that I can see working well in clinical populations for those who struggle with vascular return, but the the majority of athletes and weekend warriors, I can’t see this being high on a list of ‘must-haves’, to help you recover. There are too many other options available, whether it’s a manual flush out from someone else, self-massage, stretching, or elevation, I’m just not sure this quite hits the spot for us. Perhaps we would say different if we struggled with vascular return, but that would put us back into the clinical category.

Having used the Footbeat Sport for 1 month I can’t honestly say it has had a noticeable impact on my recovery. And that’s okay, no product in this category is going to be a one-size-fits-all, but for me, I think the only pressure I’ll be putting into my arches is rolling my foot over a golf ball.

Our Experience: Positives

So first let’s start out with all of the Footbeat Sport positives.

  • Aesthetics. Wonderfully packaged, subtle design, appropriate name for what the product does.
  • Non Intrusive. As far as recovery goes, you don’t really have to do anything and can go about getting on with other things that need your attention, whilst recovering at the same time.
  • Convenience. The convenience of the Footbeat footwear is undeniable as there are no cords or hassle once the product is on. Footbeat also claims that they are perfectly suitable for travel (air or car).
  • Facilitates Vascular Flow. If you struggle with blood pooling this could really help with your recovery in theory.

Footbeat Sport Product Review


Our Experience: Negatives

  • Price. The prices for the various parts of the Footbeat package are listed above. To purchase the Standard Recovery Kit is $449.00 and includes the Footbeat Mocs, the motorized insoles, and the remote too. However, if you are on the fence with this purchase, you can try it completely risk-free for 30 days!
  • Minimal Function. There is no other way of saying it- they don’t really DO that much. It pushes up into the arch of your foot every 20 seconds briefly, and then goes back down again. That’s it.
  • Noise. We found the product to be a bit noisier than we would be comfortable with wearing if we were in a public setting such as an airplane. Perfect for car travel though as you are more isolated, or in the comfort of your own home. No more being asked what that whirring was.


Conclusions/Appropriate use cases

Footbeat aims to provide a vascular relief through their therapeutic pressure approach for your feet that can ease the pain and discomfort of many crippling ailments, such as:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Diabetic foot conditions such as Peripheral Neuropathy and Foot Ulcers
  • Edema
  • Venous Insufficiency
  • Lymphedema
  • Athletic Recovery

Active compression is a tried and tested, proven form of recovery to aid in the nutrient-rich blood pumping you need to help you feel better and continue moving properly. We see and have experienced first hand the various ways this can be achieved with electronics, however, at the price point that this footwear is going for, we believe that the same benefits of the centralized pressure point can be achieved by other means. Footbeat provides you with the flexibility to move about and receive your recovery without having to actively work to do so (i.e. you’re not pressing into your feet manually, you can wear these while at rest). However, the price in our opinion does not justify the convenience and we would prefer a more simple approach to our recovery. We can see how this would be great for the appropriate clinical populations but for us, it just doesn’t do enough and misses the mark.


7.3 Total Score
Footbeat Sport Product Review

We had the opportunity to test out the Footbeat Sport footwear; the new way to recover.

Recovery Benefits
  • Aesthetics
  • Non Intrusive
  • Convenience
  • Facilitates Vascular Flow
  • Price
  • Minimal Function
  • Noise
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