FLEO Shorts Product Review

Athlete choice FLEO Shorts Product Review
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  • Designed For All Women
  • Variety Of Patterns
  • Customer Service
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FLEO Shorts Product Review

The Athletes Insight team had the opportunity to review the very popular and rising brand FLEO this week. I say “team” because we did in fact recruit a few extra female athletes to test these shorts thoroughly on a variety of different body types to ensure this review was as sound for our audience as possible!

FLEO is a women’s shorts apparel company, aiming to provide female athletes with the most vibrant and comfortable spandex shorts on the market. They live by the motto “fit is king”, and use 4-way stretchable fabric to allow for the optimal fit.

“We believe that when you free your skin and let your thighs out, you have the power to achieve more. We’re here to do work, chase dreams, and celebrate cake! Uninhibited. – FLEO

Athletes Insight produces high quality product reviews to get around the marketing fluff and hype; to show you what a product is really like. Integrity is everything to us, and we believe this is why we have become such a trusted source for reviews- that, and the fact we actually test them out with high-performing athletes!

That is why, after reviewing FLEO’s shorts thoroughly on several athletes, we are proud to present FLEO with the 2017 Athletes Choice Award!

Keep reading to see why…


FLEO shorts are made specifically with athletes in mind, and they take pride in perfection. Every detail is carefully crafted. From the tags, to stitching, each element has a purpose. All FLEO shorts are designed in-house and are manufactured within the USA.

The size that was tested was a SMALL and the sizes and patterns are shown below:

1. The Blues

The Blues

  • $40.95
  • 88% nylon / 12% spandex
  • 2.5″ inseam
  • Flat, 3″ wide waistband
  • Mid Rise

2. Grunge Flower 3.25

Grunge Flower 3.25

  • $44.95
  • 88% poly / 12% spandex
  • 3.25″ inseam
  • Flat, 2 3/8″ wide waistband
  • Mid Rise

3. Pastel Aztec

Pastel Aztec

  • $30.00 (ON SALE)
  • 88% polyester / 12% spandex
  • 2.5″ inseam
  • Flat, 3″ wide waistband

4. Navy Geo Low Rise Contour

Navy Geo Low Rise Contour

  • $42.95
  • 88% polyester / 12% spandex
  • 2.5″ inseam
  • Flat, 3.5″ wide waistband
  • Low Rise!

Our Experience:

Let’s start with The Blues. We found these to be the most all-round ideal of  the spandex shorts tested, for an array of different workouts. They proved to be the tighter and the thicker spandex material that did not succumb to rising during more vigorous exercises like sprinting and jumping. After we had tested and tried these shorts, we reviewed the description of The Blues on the FLEO website and found that our exact depiction of these shorts were what the company had aimed to achieve. As their all-time bestseller to date, it is easy to see why.

  • Heaviest fabric. Thick, solid compression
  • Mid-rise
  • Flat, 3″ wide waistband
  • Perfect for the action takers

Next, the Grunge Flower 3.25. These are a crossfitter, powerlifter or general deep squatter’s dream. These shorts had one of the thicker waist bands, and with the 3.25 inch inseam, you are fully covered and kept in place, no matter how low you go. The Grunge Flower 3.25 also provided one of the softest fabrics, without being so smooth that they would start to rise up.

Next was the Pastel Aztec. These shorts were by far the softest of the four styles tested. One potential downfall that we experienced with this style was that 2.5 inch inseam, coupled with the soft material, made these shorts rise up easier during more rigorous exercise. That being said, they were choice #1 for everyday casual wear, yoga, stretching, or just the simple stroll through the park. If you’re looking for comfort as your highest priority, these are the shorts for you.

Finally, the Navy Geo Low Rise Contour. Be warned these are designed to be enticingly low-rise! These were the “cheekiest” of the four shorts, but in a wonderful way. A popular look right now circulating through the fitness world is to pull thick waist bands high, up over your hip bones… these are not the shorts to do those in. They are called the Navy Geo LOW RISE for a reason, wear them low ladies and embrace the ultimate range of motion through your hips and thighs. If you need sleek, tight fitting, and LOW-RISE shorts that do not compromise your WOD, these could be the shorts for you.

Our Experience: Positives

So first let’s start out with all of the FLEO positives.

  • Designed for ALL Women. FLEO aims to ensure that they provide enough sizes and varieties to suit the needs of any athlete figure.
  • Ever-changing Variety of Patterns. They offer such an array of beautiful and enticing patterns, you’re sure to find a style you love. However, you will see below that I also state this as a con due to the high demand that female athletes have for the FLEO short. 
  • Customer Service. FLEO takes pride in making sure you are 100% satisfied with your shorts and shopping experience. The staff are there to help and offer friendly service towards guiding you to the best pair of FLEO shorts for you.


Our Experience: Negatives

  • Price. The FLEO shorts are slightly more expensive than typical athletic spandex shorts. Ranging anywhere from $30.00 for on sale items to $44.95 for their recently launched products (note: this does not including shipping).
  • Limited Colors/Patterns.  This is both a pro and a con because though they are always introducing new styles and prints, it means that if a pattern is a hot commodity, it sells out quickly. They do offer an email list to notify individuals on when a re-stock is launched. However, not all styles are guaranteed to make a comeback. This means that unless you are either signed up to their email list or religiously following them on social media, you may miss out on some of your favorite FLEO looks.
  • No Exchanges & Lengthy Return Process. At the moment, FLEO does not offer exchanges, but do offer returns. If you have the time to review their return process then it is possible to make a return, just be sure you understand the process thoroughly before you purchase.



As my final opinion, what originally drew us to FLEO was their desire to properly outfit athletic women of any shape or size with the best spandex shorts on the market. The care and pride that they take in their work is inspiring and instills hope that there are quality products still out there in such a saturated market.

Overall, we found it very hard to find anything negative to say about the FLEO shorts. As professional and everyday athletes ourselves, we understand the importance for 3 things when shopping for the perfect spandex shorts.

  1. The fit. Nothing that squeezes us into a muffin top, cuts off circulation to our thighs, leaves us feeling insecure or hinders our confidence in movement or appearance in any way.
  2. Does not roll. Nothing is more frustrating than an uncooperative pair of spandex. If the material rolls up your leg during a workout, then it’s back to the closet for you.
  3. QUALITY. Shorts that can support you as you conquer the world, or your WOD. Shorts that can also withstand multiple washes without compromising their integrity or fit.

The fit varied widely on the four FLEO shorts that we tested, but it all came down to personal preference and what activity you planned on accomplishing. FLEO offers countless sizes and shapes to fit the strong, curvy, or skinny athletes of all shapes and sizes. So take a minute to find out what suits you best, and FLEO is bound to have it for you.

In terms of the dreaded roll, we did not experience this issue with any of the above shorts. The functionality of the shorts were bar none, largely staying in place and feeling great. Finally, the quality. It is no surprise why this rising company has developed a cult-like following through their social media. You simply cannot dispute the lengths FLEO has gone to produce quality products that can support any athlete of any ability.

For these reasons, we are proud to award FLEO Shorts the Athletes Insight Athletes Choice for Fitness Shorts.

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FLEO Shorts Product Review


9 Total Score
FLEO Shorts Product Review

You simply cannot dispute the lengths FLEO has gone to produce quality products that can support any athlete of any ability.

  • Designed For All Women
  • Variety Of Patterns
  • Customer Service
  • Price
  • Limited Colors
  • No Exchanges
  • Lengthy Return Process
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