Enertor Performance Insoles Product Review

Athlete choice Enertor Insoles Product Review

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Enertor Performance Insoles Product Review
Enertor Performance Insoles Product Review
$33.84 $35.19
High Quality Material
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Enertor Performance Insoles Product Review

Thank you to Enertor Insoles for sending their products in for the purposes of this review. However, it in no way impacts our always unbiased stance on every product review we do.


As consumers, there is a lot of information being thrown at us about our footwear in 2018. Some industry players tell us that we need a cushioned, supportive shoe (such as the Boost from Adidas), while others advocate a more natural and Barefoot ‘as nature intended’ approach, as suggested by Xero shoes. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, Enertor insoles look to provide the best of both worlds, thanks to using patented D3O in their insoles.

What is D3O?

D3O is a special polymer material that provides cushioning for the foot when it is moving slowly. When you are doing high-impact activity however, the material locks together like a hard surface and disperses energy, before instantly returning to it’s flexible state. What this means for us: Cushioning and support for your foot, combined with shock absorption when you need it. The D3O technology used in these insoles is supposed to reduce shock by 44% according to independent testing.

Enertor Insoles Product ReviewEnertor Insoles Product Review

What Are Performance Insoles, and Do I Need Them?

You wouldn’t be alone if you thought that insoles were just for people with weird arches. These are not designed for prescription orthotic foot corrections but to help enhance performance and alleviate lower limb injuries. If you easily suffer from common ailments like shin splints, feel your shoes don’t provide a great platform for your sporting activities, or are looking for any possible edge going, this sort of thing would be worth looking into. It’s personal preference essentially. These performance insoles are actually endorsed by Usain Bolt, who apparently actually wears them, so if they are good enough for him, that might be enough to get you off the fence and give these a try.

You can learn how the D3O works to help improve performance below:


For the scale of the endorsement agreement with Usain Bolt, the fact they are called performance insoles, and the theoretical advantages, the packaging actually doesn’t make many performance claims, other than ‘superior performance- suitable for high impact activities. Improves foot function and aids performance, with up to 36% energy recycled with every step’. Pretty generic claims.

So, let’s see what we found in testing.

Our Experience

How to use: Take the original insole out of the shoe, then cut the Enertor insole to fit in the shoe. I actually found that I didn’t need to and they fit great right off the bat.

Also, there wasn’t really a breaking in period, but they definitely gave a different feel to my run.

Let’s get one thing clear, they aren’t some kind of super cushion-y insoles. They are quite firm under the heel- and now the whole point of them being performance insoles becomes much clearer. They seem very durable thanks to the materials, have a premium finish, and are very lightweight. Underfoot I felt very stable, and started jogging, running, and jumping, feeling very secure and in control throughout- it felt good, and I could see them being good for putting into sprint spikes, for example.

For others in the Athletes Insight community we have spoken to who have tried Enertor insoles too, they also spoke highly of them- especially those that have tried other insoles before and were perhaps put off by the idea.

Can They Help With Common Running Injuries?

These insoles do provide a natural arch support, so they might be worth a shot if you struggle with any of the following: shin splints, plantar fasciitis, ITB syndrome, Achilles tendinitis, Runner’s knee and overpronation. If such a simple solution could solve a current running issue you are experiencing, that would have a huge impact on your training, morale, and of course, performance. I have struggled with shin splints a lot in the past and getting the right insoles removed the problem almost entirely. I must say that at the time I was fortunate enough to be sent to one of the best specialists in the country and mine were custom made, but I think it’s fair to say that if there is even a chance that off the shelf insoles can alleviate your pain, it would be foolish not to try and see for yourself. I could see how the shock absorption properties of the D3O would help disperse the loading which might otherwise cause shin splints in some individuals.

Bare in mind also that I am a 220lb power athlete so my footwear does take a beating when I go running!

Our Experience: Positives

  • High Quality Materials. Premium finish, seem very durable and well made, yet very lightweight too.
  • D3O: Potential for performance improvements, providing a comfortable insole to walk around in daily, that essentially ‘transforms’ for activity.
  • Energy dispersion: Good for high impact activities due to the shock absorption


Our Experience: Negatives

  • Noise. Sometimes they squeaked a bit when I walked at first- I learnt that a little baby powder underneath can alleviate this and the problem was no more! Because it’s one of those things that will really help some people, but perhaps not for others, it is hard to find anything bad about the product. Personal preference, but at this price point, certainly a good option to try versus prescription routes or for those looking for the aggregation of small performance gains.



For someone who would never have tried these I was pleasantly surprised. Off-the-shelf insoles I never saw the point of, but I think the technology in these make them a great all-rounder for everyday wear. The D3O provides the best of both worlds, when you need it. Plus, who wouldn’t want to find out if they can potentially improve their running/sprint performance? I have recommended them to a couple of people to give them a try since. See more at Enertor.com


Enertor Insoles Product Review





9.5 Total Score
Enertor Performance Insoles Product Review

Designed for improved stability & comfort. As well as superior shock absorption for advanced protection against impact injuries.

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  • High Quality Material
  • D3O
  • Energy Dispersion
  • Noise
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