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Rich Stead, an ex-international Team GB athlete and sport scientist for Great Britain; and Sara Aguayo, a high-level runner and health & wellness expert, joined forces to create Athletes Insight.

Calling time on fitness fads and empty promises, they offer their audience expert insight and advice into health, fitness, and overall wellbeing through an entirely science-driven, practical approach to health and fitness in the 21st century.

Now they are ready to help YOU too.

Athletes Insight Rich + Sara

About Athletes Insight

The Athletes Insight world is here to help you become your best self, supporting Weekend Warriors to Olympic Athletes. Find fun events for all, elite athlete-verified gear, get expert coaching and support, and explore our ever-expanding library of free resources. It’s You vs. You, and it’s time to level up.

Our Journey

Athletes Insight is a company born out of Rich + Sara’s frustrations, and has enjoyed a rapid rise through word of mouth and social media, where they encourage individuals to challenge themselves and focus on internal competition rather than external comparisons, in what they call their ‘You vs You’ approach.

Their bustling community ranges from promising sports stars to weekend warriors, elite athletes and 5k superstars, demonstrating a strong range in public appeal as a real testament to their values and honest approach to health and fitness.

A Word From The Founder

“As an elite athlete, I could see that the support needed to optimize performance wasn’t always there for me or the athletes around me. Whether we needed training advice, nutrition advice, help balancing other aspects of your life, it was rarely there. Even between elite sports, support can vary tremendously. And if that’s at the elite level, where does that leave everyone else?

I realized there was a ton of people who are not necessarily elite athletes, but maybe aspired to be, are perhaps developing, or for the most part just want to better themselves. They have no support, no guidance, and no one to help them. What kind of information do they have access to? Usually junk internet b.s or fad pushing trainers. How can they know better?

With all the sport science available and applied at an elite level, why not bridge the gap and start putting it out there in accessible, applied ways and make it accessible to the everyday person? Everyone wants to better themselves, not just elite athletes. Why should the general population be putting up with fads and gimmicks and general B.S, regurgitated hearsay when the scientific studies and knowledge is out there? There needs to be an industry cleanup and the instafamous, gimmick pushing trainers need to be cast aside. There are solid principles and methods that work, and there is no need for fitness industry rubbish.

Further, a lot of sports or fitness activities (e.g running) are individual, and that social wellbeing aspect is completely missing for many. Whether you are a bobsledder and your teammates are also your competition for spots within the team, or you come home from work and need to run/exercise… not everyone has a positive social environment and it can become a very isolating and lonely activity.

I wanted people all over the world who go to the gym, go running after work, whatever it is, to be a part of an encouraging and supportive community, where they can share and celebrate the fitness journey. Progress is not smooth, nor is improvement linear, and the ability to share experiences, ask questions and resonate with others is a big part of Athletes Insight.

There is no hierarchy in our community and Olympic athletes ask questions right through to those starting to run for the first time. It’s a wonderful judgement-free feeling for people and one of positivity.”

-Rich Stead
Founder, Athletes Insight

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