Boreal Mountain Resort. Soda Springs, California

Boreal Mountain Resort. Soda Springs, California

Boreal Mountain Resort. 19749 Boreal Ridge Rd, Soda Springs, CA 95728 Day Adventure- 1 Day Lift Ticket + Rentals ($110/Day)


As part of our 2018 Fitness Travel Series, we decided to include day-excursions as well as our typical resort expeditions, to take advantage of those spontaneous moments! This time we went up to explore Boreal Mountain Ski Resort, located in the heart of Soda Springs, and discovered a variety of activities fit for the entire family.

Activities range from skiing, snowboarding and the playland tubing for the little ones, all the way to the Woodward center- a top of the line, action-packed, 33,000 sq ft facility housing only the best skateparks, industrial size trampolines and crash pits galore!


Boreal Mountain Resort. Soda Springs, California

If the mountain side activities or Woodward park doesn’t take your fancy, there are several eating and drinking options at the Boreal Resort to choose from. It holds everything: The Boreal Eatery, The Fresh Foods Bar, Moondoe’s Cafe, the Waffle Cabin, the Boreal Bar and the Boreal BBQ.

Boreal Mountain Resort. Soda Springs, California

Boreal Mountain Resort. Soda Springs, California

Once you’ve had your fill (literally!), check out the Underground Sports Retail Shop which has everything you thought you didn’t need, or forgot (sunglasses, gloves, hats, you name it).

Boreal Mountain Resort. Soda Springs, California

Neither Rich nor I had ever experienced Boreal- upon arrival we were in complete awe of just how many people were flocking to this resort! From the front of the resort it is a bit difficult to see all that Boreal has to offer, however, a quick walk to the back of the facility towards the lifts and through the various shops, this resort really opens up and comes alive. Plenty of morning lessons going on too for newbies.

Boreal Mountain Resort. Soda Springs, California

Though this resort may sound like it has a lot going on in one space (and it does), it is quite easy to maneuver your way around and see the resort operating in beautiful motion- individuals of all ages enjoying the slopes, shops, and snacks! It truly was like walking into a winter wonderland where the young and the old having the time of their life. What a way to spend a Sunday.


We were guided through a logical floor plan to get our lift tickets and retrieve our rentals- we were thoroughly impressed with how smoothly and effectively they outfitted and equipped us for the day ahead. There is nothing worse than arriving to your destination only to have to wait for hours in lines before even getting started!


Another huge bonus with their rental system was that this was ALL equipment that you would WANT to wear. Burton boards, bindings, boots and only top of the line skiing equipment available. Even the helmets were incredibly high quality. Boreal spared no expense when it came to making sure its guests were comfortable, safe, and utilizing only the best of the best equipment. That to us was such a refreshing sight to see as all too often resorts cut corners and fail to have the safety and quality experience of the consumer in mind.


Mountain Views

The Boreal Mountain Resort offers 34 different runs ranging in difficulty that cater to the beginner and advanced, as well as a variety of high-standard parks and pipes for the tricksters and extremists really looking for a challenge.

Boreal Mountain Resort. Soda Springs, California

Also, be sure to enjoy what is apparently the best tubing in Tahoe at Playland tubing. Equipped with 2 moving carpets, exciting, groomed tubing lanes and quality tubes, Playland Tubing is fun for a whole family.

Our Experience, Recommendations, and What We Did There

Rich and I adventured the full length of the park until my inability to stay upright retired us early. Every aspect of this resort was so well kept and fun for the whole family. There were little to no areas where a patrol was not posted or a guide was not helping those in need. We both felt that this would be the ideal place to bring your children to enjoy a full day of lessons and adventures, knowing they were in qualified and capable hands.


Our experience overall with the Boreal Mountain Resort was such a blast and we hope that our YouTube video expresses that perfectly:


We both felt that the price was more than reasonable ($110 per person) for the quality of equipment we received and the 9am-9pm access to the slopes. If we had brought our own equipment we would only be paying $69 each for the entire day and $39 if we chose to ride at night as well!


Oh yeah, did I forget to mention, Boreal offers NIGHT TICKETS as well. Embrace the full beauty and adrenaline of this resort in the calming hours of the night when the resort is transformed into a real life after hours escape.

Boreal Mountain Resort. Soda Springs, California

We even learned that in the off-season, this ski resort is transformed into a mountain biking, BMX, skateboarding haven. Where they offer lessons and daily adventures to all ages.


Do –

– Try your hand at the slopes! The corduroy packed snow is absolute magic in the winter and perfect for all fitness levels of all ages.  

– See and walk through the wide array of eateries and shopping located in the dining commons of Boreal Mountain Resort. They are guaranteed to satisfy any and all cravings as you fuel up for another round on the slopes or within the Woodward Park!

– Go to Woodward Park-this truly was a resort in itself and a perfect place to drop the kids off or even yourself if you’re looking for a bit of action-packed fun away from the slopes!


We can definitely see the advantage of getting up here for a day on the slopes. Sitting at almost 7,200 ft (2,200m) this is a great resort at altitude for winter athletes and newcomers alike. There’s a wide variety of lessons available for those looking to learn or improve on their skills.


As we mentioned before, this park does offer a variety of varying slopes to enjoy, however, the actual size of the resort is a bit more modest than most and can be easily traversed in a just a handful of runs. The resort comes into it’s own when it comes to freestyle, with excellent snow-park and pipe facilities.


Usefulness For Athletes: This is a really fun ski resort, offering athletes a great and possibly challenging alternative to a stagnant exercise regime. The on-mountain activities would have been enough for this to be a perfect day-trip, however, the incorporation of the Woodward Park and its vast array of trampolines, ramps, ropes, and pits make Boreal Mountain Resort, a playground for any athlete.


Boreal Mountain Resort. Soda Springs, California

Overall Rating: 9.5

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Boreal Mountain Resort. Soda Springs, California


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