Best Weightlifting Shoes Of 2018

Best Weightlifting Shoes Of 2018

Proper weightlifting shoes can make a WORLD of difference when it comes to hitting the weights!

Lifting shoes come in three styles:

  1. Olympic lift shoes, with thicker soles and solid, raised heels designed for a deep squat. These shoes are used for Olympic lifts, such as the Clean and Jerk or the Snatch.
  2. Powerlift shoes, with slightly-raised heels designed for low squat stances but improve posterior chain engagement. These shoes are used for powerlifting movements like Low-Bar Back Squat and Bench Presses. Many CrossFit lifting shoes are made in this design.
  3. Flat-Soled shoes, with a thin, flat sole designed to spread the force evenly across the foot and prevent forward lean. These shoes are used for Deadlifts and Low-Bar Back Squats.

You want to find the right type of shoe according to the type of workout you’re doing. Below, we have a list of the six best weightlifting shoes in these three styles to help you find the proper shoes for your training.

Nike Romaleos 3

Nike’s Romaleos are a hybrid lifting shoe, with a raised heel somewhere between Olympic and Powerlift shoes. They have a slimmer sole than Olympic lift shoes, which means they can be used for a variety of workouts—making them great CrossFit and HIIT shoes.

They’re made with Nike’s Flywire material, which offers enhanced stability and versatility, yet makes the shoes very lightweight. The solid base keeps your feet stable while squatting or lifting. They’re a sleek shoe that offers excellent maneuverability without sacrificing quality.


  • Comfortable, sturdy, and solid shoes
  • Can handle heavy weights
  • Heel comes in a variety of textures/stiffness options
  • Very lightweight


  • Durability issues and design flaws
  • Pricey

Adidas Adipower

Adidas’ Adipower is an excellent alternative to Nike’s lifting shoes. They’re made with the sleek, low-profile design that makes Adidas so versatile, but with the raised heel of a proper Olympic lift shoe. They are standard use for Olympic lifting, and their thick sole offers a very stable platform for the Snatch or Clean and Jerk.

The snug fit of the Adipower shoes makes them ideal for heavy lifts, as they keep your feet securely in place and in solid contact with the ground. The shoes aren’t the most durable, but they are definitely worth the price if you’re a hardcore Olympic lifter.


  • Designed specifically for Olympic lifts
  • Good heel cushioning and angle improves lift performance
  • Excellent toe box protection
  • Very stable and supportive for your feet


  • A bit too tight; not comfortable for walking
  • Lacking durability

Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lifter 2.0

Reebok’s CrossFit Lifter is a shoe built for cross-trainers and CrossFitters, meaning it has a solid lifting heel (suitable for Powerlifts and Olympic lifts) without too thick a forefoot sole. You’ll find it’s a shoe versatile enough for rapid movements, making it ideal for any CrossFit or HIIT workout.

The shoes have two midfoot straps that buckle beautifully tight, offering maximum stability and grip while lifting heavy. They’re built using Reebok’s unique 3D FuseFrame technology, which provides good stability and durability without sacrificing comfort. The dynamic heel with its solid grip pattern will keep your feet firmly on the floor no matter how intense the CrossFit or HIIT training session.


  • Versatile; designed for lifting and high intensity training
  • Durable materials and solid design
  • Suitable for heavy lifts, can handle a good deal of weight
  • Comfortable and promotes better posture


  • Sizes run small and narrow in the forefoot
  • Uncomfortable during break-in period

Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 370

The Inov-8 Fastlift 370 is a shoe built for Crosstraining, meaning both weightlifting and CrossFit/HIIT training. The 16.5 millimeter heel is your typical Powerlift heel height, but the forefoot sole is slim enough that it won’t interfere with stability for rapid lateral movements. If you’re a CrossFitter or a lifter who engages in regular HIIT training, these are the shoes for you.

The shoes don’t use laces or straps—instead, they have a BOA dial that uses wires to tighten the shoes. It is one of the most unique lacing systems, but one of the most effective as well. You’ll find these shoes are snug and fit perfectly when training.


  • Unique lacing system guarantees best possible fit
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Well-built for lifting, but versatile enough for crosstraining
  • Suitable for Olympic and Powerlifts


  • Pricey
  • Quality control issues

Pendlay Do-Win

Pendlay Fitness’ Do Win is a shoe designed with Olympic lifting in mind, with a thick heel (3/4″) made of hard plastic to provide you with a solid base for heavy lifts. The single-sole construction makes these shoes very durable, yet they’re surprisingly flexible for an Olympic lift shoe. Thanks to their wide profile, athletes with wider feet will feel comfortable walking around in them.

The double-strap design keeps your feet securely in place, preventing you from slipping around while you Squat or Deadlift.  The shoes are built to last, with solid stitching and a suede upper that can take a beating. Definitely a good option to consider for Olympic lifters.


  • Well-built, sturdy construction
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Ideal heel height for Olympic lifting
  • Solid grip and very stable platform


  • Heavier and bulkier than other lifting shoes
  • Uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time

Converse Chuck Taylor

Converse’s Chuck Taylors are the original flat-soled lifting shoe. Their rubber sole provides good grip on the ground and a flat platform for maximum foot contact with the floor. The durable canvas construction can take quite the beating in the gym, and they’re designed with a versatile style that goes great with any outfit.

Chucks are typically used for Deadlifts and Squats, but they’re suitable for most heavy lifts.


  • Lightweight and low profile design
  • Slim sole offers excellent grip and stability
  • Great for improving natural range of motion for lower body exercises
  • Well-priced


  • Minimal arch support


If you’re looking for a great pair of shoes to use for your lifting, these six shoes on our list above are your top pick!

Best Weightlifting Shoes Of 2017

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