Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow Product Reviewed

Athlete choice Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow Product Review
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Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow Product Review

Not Your Mama’s Pillow

We all remember that beige death-trap looking pillow that our parents used to cradle their necks in before sleep. If you didn’t grow up in that type of household, allow me to insert a photo for you to gaze upon below:

Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow Product Review

This pillow single-handedly scarred me from memory foam pillows for quite some time, until now. We recently had the opportunity to trial the Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Memory Foam Pillow (in Black) for three weeks and could not be more pleased with our experience.

Beautyrest Black® Absolute Luxury Pillow

Now that you have seen what my initial impressions of what all memory foam pillows looked like, allow me to introduce you to this little beauty (no pun intended) that we received from Beautyrest.

Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow Product Review

This sleek, light-weight, memory foam pillow has been the highlight of our sleeping experience ever since it arrived. If you have kept up with our latest reviews on premium mattresses, you would have seen a wide array of great options for athletes of all abilities. However, Beautyrest was the first brand that we have partnered with to offer a new look on optimized sleep.

The Beautyrest Complete Collection introduces sleep necessities to accompany Beautyrest mattresses. Promoting a holistic sleep environment, the Beautyrest pillows and AirCool mattress and pillow covers provide exceptional cooling comfort and customized support, to help transform your sleep and unlock your full potential.

Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow Product Review

As two people who love scrunching up our pillows and distorting them into unorthodox shapes to achieve comfort, Rich and I were pretty excited to give our new pillows a try. The one thing we immediately noticed and both agreed was a HUGE selling point was how cool the memory foam material remained even throughout the night.

Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow Product Review

Memory Foam mattresses and pillows are notoriously “hot” as by design, they are dense and highly energy absorbent. Essentially meaning that most memory foam reflects the heat from your body, making for a hot – and sometimes sweaty – sleeping environment.

Not the case with the Beautyrest pillows!

The Absolute Luxury Pillow comes with Infinicool Technology that creates a cool-to-the-touch surface for your ideal sleep temperature as well as AllerPur Technology that infuses natural humidity-absorbing micro-capsules to reduce allergens.

We have even taken our new pillows on our latest camping trip to Bourbon Lake! Our pillows fit comfortably into our hiking backpacks and made for a great hammock companion throughout the night. (See Below)

Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow Product Review

Since receiving the Absolute Luxury Pillows from Beautyrest, we have since given our newest family member, Beef our Walmart pillows. He is definitely not complaining, and neither are we! It’s a win-win for the entire family.

Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow Product Review

The second feature that I absolutely fell in love with was the customization of the memory foam to my neck. To know that you are perfectly supported and aligned really enables you to achieve a complete nights sleep without tossing, turning and ultimately scrunching your pillow and neck into unusual positions.

The memory foam never feels too deep or as if you can’t freely move and roll about your pillow either. The Absolute Luxury Pillow is perfect for the Side, Back and Stomach sleepers alike!

Benefits of a Memory Foam Pillow

  1. Spinal Alignment:As you lay your head and neck on the pillow, the weight and warmth of the body allow the foam to reshape itself. This forces the pillow to give greater resistance under the heaviest parts of the head, and equally support the lighter, more pressure sensitive neck area. Proper spinal alignment helps reduce tossing, turning and discomfort. It allows your muscles to relax properly offering natural spinal support  to your body, adjusting to your unique shape promoting a deep restful sleep. The Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow is also available in 5″ and 6″ profiles for various sleep positions.
  2. Pressure Points: Memory Foam is designed to contour to the unique shape of your body to help support your head and neck. They provide even support for the neck and head. The foam reforms less where it does not need to, and more where the stress is increased. This allows for uniform pressure on all areas of the head and neck, eliminating pressure points.
  3. Hygienic and Hypoallergenic:Memory foam is a synthetic material. It was originally developed for NASA in 1966 to improve sleeping conditions in shuttles. Memory foam products are safe and nontoxic. Memory foam pillows are naturally hypoallergenic inhibiting the growth of bacteria, mold, fungus and dust mites. This is an advantage for those with allergies to dust mites, feathers, or other natural pillow materials.
  4. Sleep Apnea: It is commonly believed that the spinal alignment also aligns the airways better allowing easier breathing. The lack of pressure points with memory foam may also be a benefit to those with sleep apnea, as there is less tossing and turning. This leads to sound, restful sleep.
  5. Durability and Aesthetics:Memory Foam  Pillows retain their shape so they will not go flat like traditional pillows. Memory foam conforms to fit the neck and head, but as it cools, it reverts to its original shape. Feather and fiber filled or batted pillows develop lumps, go flat, or just plain wear out over time. Memory foam returns to its shape reliably, again and again. They outlast other high quality pillows simply by design.

Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow Product Review

Usefulness For Athletes

We have stressed time and time again with our mattress reviews here at Athletes Insight the incredible importance that sleep plays on us athletes.

Sleep deprivation can contribute to poor performance through reduced motivation and efficiency of cognitive processes, increasing perceived effort, and limiting physiological recovery responses.

National Strength and Conditioning Association: The Importance of Sleep for Athletic Performance

Sleep is without a doubt an influential factor that affects any athletes quality of training, given its implications on the recovery process. That is why we highly urge anyone out there serious about their fitness journey and recovery process to consider their sleeping conditions and evaluate if there is any room for improvement.

We understand that the initial sticker shock of ~149.99 for a Beautyrest pillow may seem steep, however, as we stated before these are incredibly well made and long-lasting products that will transform the way your are sleeping. Any good athlete will know just how transforming a good nights sleep can be on their performance. That is why we refuse to neglect this aspect of our recovery anymore and will only be in search of the best sleeping products for ourselves and of course you, the Athletes Insight audience.


9.5 Total Score
Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow Product Review

Why waste any more precious time tossing and turning in the night when you can treat yourself to the sleeping experience you crave! The Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow is here to transform not only your sleep, but your recovery process as well. Take your training to a whole new level.

Cooling Technology
Usefulness For Athletes
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Beautyrest Absolute Luxury Pillow Product Review

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