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Boulder, Colorado & Basecamp Boulder Hotel

Basecamp Boulder. 2020 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302 Duration Of Stay- 2 Nights ($175/night)

As we entered Boulder we were greeted with chilly temperatures, rolling mountains, scenic downtown routes and the hustle and hubbub of the local crowd. Our first stop was Basecamp Boulder, our home for the final two nights of our Colorado adventure.

 Upon arriving at the Basecamp Boulder we were intrigued to see that it was vastly different than the previous resorts and invited guests with more of a high-class motel feel, as seen below.


The Basecamp Boulder is a quick 5 minute walk and even quicker drive from the heart of downtown Boulder and is surrounded by an immense amount of coffee shops, restaurants, bike shops, and more!

As for Basecamp itself, it was a great location and had some surprising facilities:

  • Boulder Creek trail is just outside your back door
  • Easy access to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research)
  • Minutes from the food, shopping and entertainment of Pearl Street Mall
  • Hot Tub, Dry Sauna, Fitness Center
  • Coffee + Bar in lobby, Free Cookies
  • Activities Room with Table Tennis, a Climbing Wall, and Table Games
  • Oh, and don’t forget the Fire Pit + Marshmallows!

It was a fun place to stay, I think the design of the place from the graphics used to making the rooms feel a bit like you were camping, really made it something a little different and quirky. During our visit the weather was largely sunny, and only towards the end did we experience a little snow that Colorado seems to be associated with.


Room Accommodations

The room accommodations were refreshing, with fun tongue-in-cheek artwork on the walls referencing Boulder stereotypes and the adventurous attributes of the town.

Our room looked like this (Double Queen):

but if you truly want a camp-like experience, why not try The Great Indoors:

To view the exact room we stayed in, check out our YouTube video here:

(Skip ahead to 2:56 to see the Basecamp Boulder room)


Fitness Facilities

Basecamp Boulder was not a fully functional gym that the everyday athlete can go into and experience a really solid workout- but then, it wasn’t advertised to be. As you can see below, the equipment is quite minimal and the space is fairly confined. I feel like people here would much rather be outside.

The hotel does offer a beautiful indoor Jacuzzi and sauna room to ease those chilly toes after a long day in the Colorado cold.

The Basecamp Boulder hotel firmly believes in fitness and a healthy lifestyle, so though their fitness center is not like the previous resorts we have seen, they strongly urge their guests to get outdoors and experience all that Boulder has to offer.


Our Experience, Recommendations, and What We Did There

Rich and I did our best to experience as much as Boulder in the three days that we had. On our first night we walked the Pearl street of downtown Boulder and enjoyed a hot coffee at Emmersons, a splashy, all-day hot-spot serving adventurous New American cuisine & highbrow cocktails. As for dinner, we nipped around the corner (a whopping 30 seconds) from our Basecamp Boulder hotel room and tried the delicious SNARFBURGER, for one of their famous double burgers (Beef Patty w/cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo, mustard, ketchup, & hot sauce). Life is for living, right?!

EMMERSON – Address: 1600 Pearl St #100, Boulder, CO 80302

SNARFBURGER – Address: 2000 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302







On the second day of our journey we adventured towards the Flatirons of Boulder for an absolutely incredible view. Be wary those who are made easily carsick, as this is a very steep and windy drive! Once you have arrived though, the sickness and occasional breakfast burps are well worth it, as you can see so clearly below.

After this mini hike around and photo-op we drove roughly ~25 minutes to Eldorado Canyon where there was no shortage of hikers, climbers, and breath taking natural landmarks. Eldorado Canyon State Park consists of two areas, the Inner Canyon (developed area) and Crescent Meadows (undeveloped area). The park encompasses 885 acres with a variety of recreation opportunities available. Eldorado Canyon is home to one of the world’s most accessible and comprehensive rock climbing areas. We saw many people just turn up, sling their hooks, and off they went (disclaimer: we are definitely not knowledgeable rock climbers, but if you want to get vertical, this is a great place to do it). A small fee is required for entry, except on Colorado Day (August 1) when all state parks are free!

To close off the night we decided to try out a local hot spot called Tsing Tao Asian Kitchen. From the outside this restaurant almost didn’t look open. Rich and I seemed to have gone at a perfect time as there was hardly anyone in the restaurant and the owners were happily watching their sports games and enjoying a quick bite to eat. The entire atmosphere of the place was so inviting and made you feel at home. Our waitress was an absolute delight to talk to, but the real talk of the night was the food! If you’re looking for not just the best tasting food but SO much of it, this is the place to come. We each received platters of food, soup, cookies, and appetizers all for about $15 dollars a person. You could easily make two-three meals out of what they served as one, it was unbelievable. I highly recommend this place to anyone stopping through Boulder and looking for a hearty and satisfying bite to eat!

On our final day we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Rincon Del Sol, serves tantalizing food, from sophisticated seafood dishes to simple tacos and enchiladas. The delicious molcajetes (meat or vegetarian) were served in authentic stone mortars and apparently the shrimp cocktails (cocktail de camarones) are the largest in town.

As we prepared to leave Boulder there were a couple of last stops we had to make. We were fortunate enough to be invited to the University of Colorado Sports Medicine & Performance Center for a tour of the facility! The CU Sport Medicine and Performance Center is dedicated to providing world-class medicine and sports science to athletes and active people of all levels and ages. This is accomplished with a multi-disciplinary team of physicians, surgeons, sports scientists, physical therapists and athletic trainers providing cutting edge evidence based care programs so that our patients and clients can achieve their athletic goals. It was fascinating to learn about the current performance research underway at this facility, and it seems a little known fact that anyone can go in and have their current physiology measured. Data is all well and good, but the knowledgeable staff will educate, continue to monitor, and suggest how you can improve in your sport, be it triathlon, football, you name it!

You can also view this incredible facility in our Boulder vlog located below.

(Skip ahead to 9:07 to see the CU Sports Medicine & Performance Center)

After the tour, we met with Erin from the Boulder Convention & Visitors Bureau (< see the link for even more things to do in Boulder!) at one of Pearl Streets many coffee stops, FullCycle. This was a real cyclists paradise- Boulder’s oldest bike shop, but you wouldn’t know it as it was a very modern, well laid-out store with a coffee bar upfront and very friendly staff. Erin was very kind in telling us everything we should know about Boulder, the good and the bad, in order to inform our readers who it would be a suitable active escape for! She very much cemented our thoughts about this town being a well-educated, outdoor/active-orientated destination where just about everyone goes off towards the mountains given the opportunity. I had heard about people being on training camps up here and now I can see why. It has a modern, small town charm about the place, great air, and a ton of outdoor activities at your disposal. We’re thinking about moving here. Seriously.



– Walk along Pearl Street, taking in the coffee shop and cycling culture of the town.

– Catch some college football at the impressive Folsom Field (home of the Colorado Buffaloes)

– Head up into the mountains, this is a must! Go check out the flatirons for a great days hike and breathtaking views.

– Want to go bouldering in Boulder? Head to Eldorado Canyon to climb vertical (or watch others from the safety of ground level!)



Overall we found that Boulder an incredible location for cyclists, runners, and rock-climbers alike. The people here are very passionate about the outdoors and it is a part of their lifestyle. There is a little bit of something for everyone, and enough outdoor adventures to satisfy the hunger of even the most adventurous souls. As athletes ourselves we felt that this place would be calling us back again very soon just so that we could fully appreciate all that it had to offer. Even when the weather is not particularly permitting, you will never find a shortage of brave individuals enjoying their daily stroll, bike or run, in some of what I considered to be some of the most beautiful hikes and climbs in the country.


Usefulness For Athletes: Boulder, Colorado is an absolute must if you are into the outdoors and can without a doubt cater to the training needs of any endurance athlete. If you feel like people don’t understand your lifestyle where you currently reside, this refreshing change of pace with put you at immediate ease. It really does seem like a “safe spot” for everyone to across the country to come out and train. Another huge perk of Boulder is the altitude it sits at, reaching nearly 5,400ft within Boulder itself so good for altitude training camps.


Overall Rating:

Athletes Choice Athletes Insight

Basecamp: 8.0

Athletes Choice Athletes Insight

Boulder: 10



Basecamp Boulder Boulder, Colorado Full Review


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