The BackBaller Review: Premium Foam Roller For Athletes

The BackBaller is a massage tool intended to be used for myofascial and muscular relief. Targeted more towards serious athletes and support staff (physical therapists, physio’s etc), the product created a bit of a buzz when Manchester City Football Club reportedly got their hands on them for their team. We were fortunate enough to receive one for our unbiased thoughts on the product. So, without further ado, here they are.

BackBaller Review

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Product Overview

The BackBaller aims to take rolling out to the next level with their dual-mounted rollers for focused muscle relief, and is intended for active individuals with a basic knowledge of the benefits of self-massage techniques (the user guide is very helpful, but more on that later. It is marketed as a superior, specialist foam roller, which is reflected in the price (currently $60.00 excluding shipping for the neon green version and $54.00 for the ‘hot pink’ model).

BackBaller Review

The product consists of two high-density EVA foam rollers, neoprene grip pads on the base of a high-density, very stable plastic structure, and steel ball bearings for a very smooth rolling experience. Of note, the foam rollers each have two different positions they can be placed in, and are easily removable.
Backballer Description

Our Experience

The BackBaller impressed and seemed like it could be a nice addition to any athletes’ recovery process. Rather than the standard foam roller, the functionality of the dual rollers that could be removed or adjust to a users liking was appreciated, and the width and pressure felt like a perfect fit. The rollers themselves are very firm, yet seemed appropriate. A unit like this definitely seems more appropriate as a home or office unit rather than a traveling necessity due to its size and functionality. Also, the device seemed better suited to me, a smaller framed (5’6″, 130lbs) athlete as opposed to someone much larger.


Rich however, had a slightly different experience with the device. Though it proved very sturdy and durable to support his 220lb, 6’2” frame, the spacing and widths of the rollers did not support his back in a superior way that was particularly beneficial for him, as it did for myself. Wider rollers would have been preferable that spread the weight out a little better over the width of his back in order to avoid (non-intended) pain in his lower back- perhaps a larger surface area here would have helped.


The Pro’s:

    • No spinal contact. The cutout design of the BackBaller allows for the spine to rest comfortably within the rollers without causing painful pressure on the spine itself, something that many foam rollers do not offer.


    • Solid, yet adjustable. The dual high density EVA foam rollers provide the perfect amount of stability for the novice foam roller user as well as the EVA smoothness and ease for anyone just starting out with incorporating foam rolling into their recovery.


    • Great packaging. Very informative and helpful guides that come with the make understanding your BackBaller quick and easy to use- this was a really appreciated benefit, as with a product like this, you might not be able to imagine all of its different used. If that isn’t enough, the website is a useful source as well! That being said, they could offer more about the actual measurements, design, and functionality of the product so that users can be confident that their purchase will be the right fit for them.


    • Removable rollers. The dual rollers allow you to adjust them according to your preferences within the base itself. There are two slots located on the outermost part of the structure and two roughly an inch within.


    • Elevated rollers allow for effortless self-treatment to your muscles as well as a smooth glide along the rollers while remaining elevated and upright.


    • Two > One. As opposed to standard foam rollers, the BackBaller offers two suspended and freely rotating high density rollers.


    • Quick relief. Within the packaging you will receive a guide to a quick 20 minute session with complete illustrations that allow any beginner or novice athlete to easily maneuver their way around the BackBaller.



The Con’s:

        • Bulky. Due to how large the BackBaller is, we found that it would not be conducive for the traveling athlete and would be more suited for home or club type of use. A perfect setting might be in a physical therapists space.


        • Price. The BackBaller is significantly more expensive than standard single foam rollers. However, that being said you are receiving two rollers rather than one and an elevated, full-grip base unit in order to suspend the rollers with ease.


        • Uncomfortable for larger individuals(?) The two individual (yet smaller) rollers produce uncomfortable pressure to larger build individuals.



Overall, I found great use out of the BackBaller and would definitely incorporate this product into my everyday warm-up and recovery use. However, for traveling purposes it makes more sense economically and convenience wise to use a single standard foam roller, or plastic pipe, hockey/baseball, etc.

The BackBaller operates on a 60 calendar day returns policy – so you can try the product and return it if it’s not to your satisfaction.

Thanks again for sending the BackBaller for an unbiased review, and we hope this helps our audience make informed decisions.

Last updated on May 2nd, 2017 at 02:37 pm