6 Reasons for New Running Shoes

6 Reasons for New Running Shoes

Many runners leave it far too long before replacing their running shoes. That familiar sight of tattered old trainers at your local running event, often triggers the thought “maybe I need new running shoes”!
Knowing the reasons for getting a new pair of running shoes will not only help justify that plush new purchase, it will make you realize the damage you could be doing to yourself if you don’t.

So here are our TOP SIX reasons for treating yourself to a nice new pair of running shoes:

1. Cushioning & Support

The main job for a good running shoe is to reduce the impact running has on your body.
Unfortunately, as we use our running shoes, we become so used to how they feel that we don’t notice their cushioning and support fading. That is, until it’s too late.
Just because a shoe feels soft, it doesn’t mean it still cushions the high impact forces, or the micro-vibrations of running. The cushioning elements in a running shoe are the first to perish. Often way before the shoe looks ‘worn out’.
The support structures in the shoe are constantly resisting the unwanted forces of your body’s biomechanics. So the support of the shoe is normally next to break down. If you are a heavy runner, or need a lot of support, the chances are the support will expire before the cushioning.
So if you’ve run more than 600 miles in your running shoes, it’s time to start thinking about a new pair.

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2. Get a Grip

When was the last time you looked at the bottom of your shoes? We often go running and then can’t wait to rip off our shoes as we’re thinking about that post-run shower. This means we rarely check our outsoles for wear. Most running shoes use a combination of carbon and blown rubbers, the latter being much softer. It will therefore wear out a lot quicker than the carbon rubber and you’ll have a lot less grip.
If you run off-road, then grip is even more important. Lack of grip, could mean slipping over and injuring yourself. This has even happened to road runners on wet sidewalks.
Check your outsole for wear regularly, and if possible, compare to a brand-new pair of the same for reference. Never let any part of the outsole become thinner than half of its original thickness.

3. Your running has changed

So many runners overlook this one. If your running has changed then you should always make sure you have the right shoe for the job. If you have just started running off-road, when you always used to stick to the road, then you’ll need a new pair of (trail running) shoes. If you have started taking things more seriously, and you’re now racing, you should consider a racing shoe. Or maybe you have started adding in track splits to your training? Then you should be looking at track spikes.
The bottom-line is that each running shoe is designed for a specific purpose, make sure you have the right shoe for the job.

4. Your running shoes don’t fit properly

When was the last time you were properly fitted for your running shoes?
Did you know that properly fitting running shoes are almost always a different size to your everyday foot size? There are several other factors that come into play with the sizing of your running shoes.
When you run, your feet increase in size. This is mainly due to increased circulation and also the fact that all of your body-weight is going through one foot at a time, so they spread out a lot more than when you walk. If your running shoes don’t have at least half an inch of space at the end of your toes, then they are probably too small. It’s also worth considering, that exposure to UV-light and getting shoes wet can cause shrinkage. Shoes also stretch over time and can lose their fit.
If you get blisters, black toe-nails, pins-and-needles or any other foot discomfort when running. Then the chances are, your shoes don’t fit properly.
So maybe it’s time to have a proper running shoe fitting at a local running specialist.

5. You want to look good

Running has become so much more than just a niche activity for dedicated, hard-core runners. It’s now a mainstream fitness activity and sport.
With so many people now running for fun, or even just for pure fitness, there is a lot more runners wanting to look good while they run. This has led to an explosion in designs and colors in the running shoe market. You no longer have to hide your running shoes in your gym bag or locker. They are getting more fashionable every season. So maybe now is the time to color co-ordinate your shoes with your outfit, or pick a shoe that is functional, yet fashionable.
We enjoy looking good with our everyday clothes and take pride in our business dress, so why not our running shoes?

6. You deserve it!

You get out and run despite the weather trying to put you off. You get up early for that long Sunday morning run. You train hard. Running is very hard on the joints and muscles. The least you can do, is give yourself the comfort you deserve.
When we work hard all day we want nothing more than a good night’s sleep in a really comfortable bed. It’s the same with running shoes, you train hard in them, so why not reward yourself for all that hard-work with a plush new pair of runners?

So that’s our 6 reasons for getting a new pair of running shoes. We always recommend visiting an experienced local running specialist store to be fitted for running shoes, as it’s very difficult to choose the correct running shoes online.
Of course, if you’re simply replacing your running shoes with the same model, then look for the best deals online.
We do recommend going back to a specialist for a regular fitting, at least every couple of years, because your body and biomechanics change over time.

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Article by Ryan Tooes

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